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What we did this week!

January 14, 2017

This week has been a funny old week!

Sunday started out lovely. We went for a fun family walk to a local country park and had such a great time. Our girls loved walking through the forest pointing out funny looking trees, collecting sticks and running around! They even had a splash in the water! We didn’t actually realise until we got back to the car, but our little walk had taken a total of two hours! It’s no wonder the girls said they were tired!

Cefn Onn

After our walk, we spent the rest of the day at home and my mother-in-law, the girls nanna, came over for Sunday dinner which was nice.

Monday was my first ever late shift in work. I knew it would be an odd day as it would mean that I’d miss putting the girls to bed. Something I wasn’t looking forward to. I started work at 8am and finished at 7pm. I had the chance to give the girls a quick cuddle and kiss in the morning, but by the time I got home the girls were fast asleep in bed. I must admit that when I got home from work I sneaked into their room whilst they were sleeping so I could give them a quick kiss on the forehead!

Tuesday was a bit better as I finished work early which meant that I could pick the girls up from school. We’ve bought them new car seats as they seemed to have outgrown their last ones. R chose a Star Wars themed one and M opted for a princess one. The girls loved coming home from school in their new car seats.

Tuesday also saw me going to my second spin class. It was quite a tough one and the instructor worked us really hard, but I still enjoyed it and even booked myself onto another spin class for Thursday!

On Wednesday I dropped the girls off at school and spent most of the day writing blog posts!

Thursday saw me going straight to spin class after dropping the girls off at school. The instructor wasn’t one that I’d had before, but I really enjoyed the class and have booked onto it again next week.

Friday morning was a bit of a rush in terms of getting the girls to school and for some reason M was in a bit of an odd mood. She was quite teary and didn’t quite seem herself. On the way back home after dropping them off at school, I popped into my local chemist and picked up two electric toothbrushes for the girls. A spiderman one for R and Barbie for M. They were reduced to £2.99 so I couldn’t resist! I also bought them a little Ty Beanie toy each for £2.50 in the hopes that it would put M in a better mood when she came home school. Thankfully it did!

Whilst the girls were in school, two of my friends popped round with their babies for a cuppa and a catch up so that was nice. When the girls came home from school, R did some drawing and M and I played a game of guess who. I love that game!

Today will be spent with my sister so that’ll be nice and I’m not sure what we’ve got planned for tomorrow yet!

I hope you have a good weekend and that you’ve had a good week!


  • hannah

    January 14, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Looks like you had a good week, the day out in the park looks fun x

  • India

    January 14, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    That Park looks so lovely :)! Thanks for sharing a lovely post.

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