The Adoption App: Review

The Adoption app was created by Sharon Simons, an adoptive mum who, after successfully navigating the rigors and challenges of the adoption process, decided to craft an app to make the adoption process much easier for others. 

Please note that this app is aimed at the american market, but it is still a very useful resource for those considering adoption.

Available for download on an iPhone or iPad, this app is easy to use and provides a lot of practical information. It guides you through all the steps involved and has a handy checklist of tasks that need to be completed before adoption can be approved. 

The Adoption App:

* Offers detailed information & documentation on the Home Study Process for both domestic and international adoption 
* Helps organize the process with detailed checklists of tasks and documentation that needs to be completed  
* Documentation for domestic and international adoptions that you are able to email to yourself through the app, download it to your computer, print, & fill out each document 
* Identifies and offer quick access to a myriad of adoption resources

* Contains a calendar that syncs with your existing calendar to keep you on time for all of your adoption related meetings & appointments 
* Links to articles & success stories on adoption, motherhood & more 
* A share your story with us feature which allows you to participate in the mom at last community website 
* And much more.   

I found this app really simple and easy use. 

If you are in America this app available to download for $4.99. If you are in the UK this app is available to download for £2.99 and is available at the Apple Store here:

For more information visit or Sharon Simons Mom At Last website at  

About the Creator

At the age of 39, Sharon Simons fell in love, got married, and tried to have children naturally, but she was unsuccessful in her attempts. She underwent three invitro-fertilization procedures, experienced the elation of pregnancy, the devastation of a late term miscarriage, and suffered an ectopic pregnancy. 

Sharon and her husband decided to adopt and successfully navigated the
emotionally fraught waters of International Adoption to bring home two precious little boys. Her story is the subject of the upcoming book titled Mom At Last.  

For the purpose of this review I was given a code to download this app at no charge.

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