Ten things to do when your child starts nursery depending on your mood

My twin girls will be starting nursery in September. It’s only two and a half hours, but it’ll the slowest two and a half hours ever! I have a range of mixed emotions about them starting nursery school. They’ve always been looked after in their own home by either my husband or I, or my dad. They’ve never been away from home without mummy or daddy so it’ll be a strange and new experience for all of us. I’ve talked to them a lot about starting nursery and have explained that mummy and daddy won’t be staying with them, but… [Read More]

What to consider when decorating your home

It’s easy to get carried away with color charts and shopping lists, but before you actually buy anything for your decorating project, it’s important to get to grips with all the relevant practical issues. For example, you’ll need to think carefully about what each room will be used for when you’re selecting colors and materials. There’s little point in choosing delicate white or cream curtains, cushions and carpets in rooms that will overrun by young kids or the family dog. In these spaces, darker hues and patterned fabrics may be a better bet. Specialist suppliers like Julian Charles offer an impressive selection… [Read More]

Potty Training Twins

Potty training twins? Where do I start?! That’s what I thought when the idea first popped into my head! I didn’t worry too much about it though and decided to take it all in my stride. One thing I knew for definite was that I wanted to wait until our girls were at least two years old. I’d heard that before this age children don’t have the ability to control their bowels. Plus if you start when your child is too young or if they aren’t ready it can end up being more stressful for you both and can take… [Read More]

Common Concerns Cat Owners Have When Bringing Their Newborn Home

Opinions have – and most likely always will – vary when it comes to having a cat in your home alongside a newborn baby. However, any proud cat owner will understand the importance of aiming to have both of them living together happily and safely. After all, if you take the right precautions, there is substantial evidence to support the fact that the two can live together very well and make the family complete. We’ve looked around for some tips for when bringing a newborn home to your family that includes a cat, and have confronted some of the main concerns people have… [Read More]

When I Grow Up

When I was growing up I went through many phases of thinking about what I wanted be when I grew up. The earliest memory I have is sitting on the grass in our garden. Sketch pad in one hand and pencil in the other. I’d sit for hours drawing all the plants! I didn’t want to be a gardener as that involves bugs and creepy crawlies, but an artist would have been a wonderful thing to be! I remember sitting in my bedroom one Christmas looking out to the snowy world in front of me. I drew what I saw… [Read More]

Potty Training

For a number of months now I have been thinking about potty training and when we should start. I’ve read numerous things on different parenting websites and on social media, but in truth I don’t know where to begin.   The only thing I do know is that I want to wait as long as possible. I want to wait until our girls have passed their second birthday which is in February. One of the things I have heard over and over again is that if you start too soon, when you’re children are too young or when they’re simply… [Read More]

#whenIgrowup Baby and Toddler Event at ASDA

From 27th August to 16th September 2012, ASDA are holding their Baby and Toddler Event across the UK. During the event leading brands such as Huggies, Pampers and Cow & Gate are giving a donation to Tommy’s, to help ASDA raise £100,000 for the charity, and to help fund its vital work to give every baby the best start in life.  When I was growing up I dreamed of being a number of different things: A Gardener As a child I would sit in our back garden for hours. My sketch pad lay on my lap, the cold grass under my feet… [Read More]