You were a 90s child if…

  You had a clear box full of floppy disks sitting on your computer desk and all the labels were written in pencil so that you when you re-used the disk (if they ever worked second time around) you could rub out what you’d deleted and re-write your latest saved masterpiece Image courtesy of You had to make sure no one was using the internet when you wanted to make a phone call or worse someone starts to use the internet whilst you’re the phone Orange soda had never been so popular thanks to American sitcom Keenan and Kel Saturday night TV was amazing!… [Read More]

Are you raising your kids the same way you were raised?

I don’t think many people decide how to raise their children before they’re actually born. I’m sure everyone will have their idea’s, aspirations and dreams of what they want for their children, but until they’re born and maybe not even until they’re a few years old the thought of how to raise your children may not enter your mind. The first few weeks and months are all about survival. Making sure your baby is fed and that they sleep. In addition to this making sure that you’re fed and that you get to sleep too! Just when you think you’ve… [Read More]

Before You Were Born Meme

Marrakech Do you remember what life was like before you had children? I was browsing through some photos the other day of our life before our daughters were born and it brought back many wonderful memories! I thought I would start a meme for all of us Mummy and Daddy’s so that we can remember the people we all were before our children were born. Sometimes I think we forget that as well as being a Mummy or Daddy we’re also ourselves. I’ve written a number of questions that I’ll be answering about what life was like before our daughters… [Read More]