Trutex School Uniform Review

Buying a school uniform is an essential part of school life that every parent will have to go through. Our twins started nursery last September and although I was able to purchase their polo shirts and cardigans through the school, the hassle that I experienced when it came to buying trousers and dresses that fitted was a nightmare.  At three years old our girls are on the small side. They’re often described as slender which is great, but also means that trousers and skirts don’t stay up and trousers are usually too long. I searched everywhere for trousers that would… [Read More]

Return to the school gates: The good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s official – half term is well and truly over! Image courtesy of digitalart/ Schools are back and with it some normality can (hopefully) be regained! But, what does the return to school mean for you and your family? For most it means forking out for new school uniforms, pencils, pens and that awful sticky stuff to cover school books with! I can never get it on without a few bubbles or wrinkled lines! Just me? Evenings are spent creating packed lunches that look like works of art. Posh ham sandwiches in the shape of a dinosaur anyone? Dicing cheese into… [Read More]