Are you raising your kids the same way you were raised?

I don’t think many people decide how to raise their children before they’re actually born. I’m sure everyone will have their idea’s, aspirations and dreams of what they want for their children, but until they’re born and maybe not even until they’re a few years old the thought of how to raise your children may not enter your mind. The first few weeks and months are all about survival. Making sure your baby is fed and that they sleep. In addition to this making sure that you’re fed and that you get to sleep too! Just when you think you’ve… [Read More]

Can a routine be flexible?

I have blogged previously (click here to read post) about routine and whether you should live your life around your babies routine or whether your baby should just fit into your every day life. For the past few months Twin Daddy and I have definitely allowed the girls to dictate our lives. By that I mean we arrange our days and the times we go out to fit around nap times and when the girls eat. For example, when the girls were having two naps a day we would wait until after the second nap of the day to go… [Read More]