The Rules of Sleep Zone

When you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not going to function as you should. It really is that simple. It’s estimated we spend up to a third of our lives asleep, which sounds like a huge amount of wasted time. It makes more sense when you think of sleep as a gateway to being able to enjoy the rest of our lives. Sadly, it’s a rarity that sleep is a simple case of laying down, close your eyes and drifting off. We’ve all had nights where we struggle; where we spend countless hours both counting sheep and trying to force… [Read More]

Another sleep update!

I know it wasn’t that long ago since my last sleep post (click here to read) but quite a bit has changed since then so I thought I would share those changes with you! In my last sleep post I mentioned that our girls were having two daytime naps. One at 9am for around 30-60 minutes and then another straight after lunch around 1230pm for 90 minutes. Quite often with the afternoon nap, half an hour after putting the girls down they would wake up so Twin Daddy and I would rock them back to sleep until they had both… [Read More]

13 Months Old: Sleep Update

I haven’t blogged properly for a while because myself and the twins have been ill. So, I thought today I would give you an update on the girls sleep. We’ll start off with daytime naps. They have two. The first at 9am. R has around 30 minutes, whereas M varies between 30-60 minutes. I don’t let them sleep past 10am as this then impacts their second nap, which is straight after lunch at 1230pm and both girls have 90 minutes. Sounds ok you might think? Well in theory yes but in reality…no! Why? We are still swaddling and rocking both… [Read More]


When our girls were babies, I absolutely loved it when they fell asleep on my chest. I loved cuddling them and watching them sleeping peacefully.  They soon grew out of it though and I wondered if I would ever have any more cuddles from them!  The last month, both girls have learnt how to cuddle again! After they wake from their nap, I take the opportunity and sit down on the sofa with them and we have a nice cuddle!  Both girls love having their backs stroked, especially just before their bath! I think because they are both cutting their… [Read More]

Sleeping Update

Things haven’t been great lately with regard to the girls night time sleep. Their daytime naps are fine. They still have a 30 minute nap at 9am, followed by a 90 minute nap after lunch, at 1230pm. Night time, however, has become harder. Both girls would wake more or less within an hour of us putting them in their cots and we would spend quite some time getting them back to sleep again by rocking them, only for them to wake half an hour later. Twin daddy still ends up on the sofa with R every night and I have… [Read More]

All Change!

It’s amazing how quickly things can change when you have a baby. I’m referring to routines. My last post about our routine, which can be found here, detailed our routine. I posted that 7 days ago and guess what? We now have another new routine! Wow! All change again!  The girls, I have to say, are happy babies. Ok, I know I am likely to be biased, as I am their mum, but I honestly believe they are happy babies! They smile and laugh a lot and only really cry when there is something wrong and I don’t mean hunger,… [Read More]

Growing up

I can’t believe how quickly our girls are growing up. Every day I look at them first thing in the morning and think the same thing to myself.  They look like they have grown over night! They look bigger, older and more robust than the tiny 4lb3 and 2lb11 babies born into the world 8 months ago.  They are more interactive with each other and they both love exploring. They are both so vocal and very, very active! R absolutely loves jumping up and down, up and down, up and down in her jumperoo. She also loves grabbing anything she… [Read More]

Daytime Naps – Update

Twin daddy and I have come to the conclusion that our girls need to have a better daytime nap routine.  Since Tuesday of this week, instead of allowing our girls to have 3 half hour naps a day, we have managed to whittle this down to 2 naps, totaling 2 and a half hours. Here is our new routine: 5am – Bottle 8am – Porridge 9am – 30 minute nap 10am – Toast, biscotti, fruit custard, water 12pm – Lunch 1230/1pm – 90 minute nap 3pm – Bottle 5pm – Tea 7pm – Bath, bottle, bed How have we done this?  Well,… [Read More]