This is what we really should be teaching our young girls

As a mum of girls, I often worry about their future and think about all of the things that I’d like them to learn before they spread their wings and leave the nest. There are so many things that I wish I’d been taught when I was younger. As such I thought I’d ask some other parents, who also happen to be bloggers, what they think we should really be teaching young girls. Here’s what they said. Money Pete from Household Money Saving said: I would teach them about money – why it’s important for the future and how best… [Read More]

Essay about Parenting Skills

As the old cliche goes, being a parent is very hard work, but it’s also the most rewarding and life changing job in the world. Nothing can ever truly prepare you for the journey that you’re about to embark upon. Sure, you can read as many parenting books as you like. You can search and read all of the parenting guides and advice websites on the internet, but that probably still won’t prepare you what for lies ahead. You could also listen to those who are already parents. Your parents perhaps or your friends and relatives, but again you still… [Read More]


I wonder if its just me or if its a common problem for twin parents. For quite some time now myself and twin daddy have noticed that some people appear to favour one twin over the other. More often than not we hear one of our daughters names being said more than the others. It’s not just this though, when M is close by, every one fusses over her but when M is at the other end of the room quite happily playing by herself and R is close by, no-one pays her any attention. It’s really annoying and quite… [Read More]