Simply Swim Review

One of our favourite things to do when the weather gets a bit warmer, is to take our children swimming. We’re very lucky where we live because we have a number of indoor and outdoor swimming pools a short drive away, and one of the outdoor ones is even free! I like to join in my children when they’re swimming, whether that be on the beach, or at an outdoor or indoor pool. If we’re at one of our local beaches, our girls, who are six years old, don’t tend to go in the water for a full swim, it’s… [Read More]

These are my shorts. This is my blanket.

For M and her shorts and blanket! By Mummy. These are my shorts. This is my blanket One night I lay in my daddy’s arms He was wearing shorts I played with the cords  That hung from the shorts That was the start of my longing for you When I am tired I held those cords Wrapped them around my fingers and held them tight Now they are mine and I cuddle them all day Daddy’s shorts and my blanket They come everywhere with me To the park, in the car and to bed They’re my comfort items My special… [Read More]