How to find the best deal when shopping through catalogues

Catalogue shopping has become a preferred option if you’re living in a tight schedule because you don’t have to leave work and overload your to-do list with going around shopping. It’s a convenient and effective way of shopping while saving on money, fuel and time. It takes away the stress of having to deal with overcrowded stores and getting a parking space on busy streets. If you’re considering credit catalogue shopping, you may want to get the best deals. Getting amazing deals guarantees that you’ll find products that you’ll love. Here are ways on how to find the best deal… [Read More]

Don’t Shop Until You Drop with These Tips

Whether you find shopping fun or not, everyone has to do it. You need to buy food, new clothes, school supplies, and much more. Even if you don’t enjoy shopping, you can find yourself engaging in unhealthy shopping behaviours. If you feel like you spend too much, you need to change your shopping habits. Consider Other Options Before Brand New Purchases Does everything you buy need to be brand new? There are plenty of things you can get secondhand that could last a long time. And when it comes to kids’ things, like clothes, you might not even need them… [Read More]

Shopping Trip Tips! #UltimateShoppingExperience

Growing up one of my favourite things to do was to go shopping with my mum and sister. For months, my sister and I would save up our pocket money so that we could buy new clothes, makeup or maybe even a new CD of our latest favourite band. That’s right kids, back in my day we didn’t download or stream music, we had to either go out and buy it or attempt to record it from the radio! Thankfully, time has moved on a bit since then! Now that I’m an adult I still enjoy shopping, but when I… [Read More]

The Joy of Online Shopping

As a busy mum I find it hard to juggle my time between working part time two days a week, working on my blog, caring for our girls and doing everything else in between. That’s why I find online shopping such a big help when it comes to certain activities. Before my children were born, and even in the early days after their birth, my husband and I would always go into our local supermarket to do our food shop. We swore blind that we’d never resort to doing it online, but as our girls grew older and more impatient,… [Read More]

Shop online for less this summer

When I was growing up, my sister and I would spend months saving up all of our pocket money so that we could go on a shopping spree in our local town centre. We loved it so much that it pretty much turned into an annual thing. We’d treat ourselves to some new clothes, perhaps some makeup and most likely a McDonalds too! We used to get around £3.50 a week in pocket money, so we’d save up until we both had around £100 each. On average this would take us approximately seven months! Our parents would chip in to… [Read More]

The future of furniture shopping

Furnitures an important part of any home. Not only is it practical, and pretty vital, I mean where would you sit without a sofa?, eat without a dining table? etc, but it’s also important because furniture can really make a room feel homely and modern. The thing is, in between work, looking after the kids and nursery runs, I don’t always have time to go out shopping for new furniture. For me the future of furniture shopping is online. You can browse when the kids are in bed, at your own pace and in peace and quiet. I mean, who… [Read More]

How to save money online using voucher codes

Like the majority of people I like to do most of my shopping online. It’s convenient, easy and can be be time saving when you can get something delivered straight to your door or pick something up within a matter of hours. I think the reason why I and a lot of people enjoy shopping online is because we like to find the best deals we can and save money as a result. Whether it a sale, buy one get one free offer or simply using some money off codes. Shopping online makes it easy for us to find great… [Read More]

Christmas Past and Present

Being a kid at Christmas is one of the best experiences ever. I have really wonderful memories of Christmas from when I was a child. Waking up Christmas morning and discovering a stocking full of presents at the end of my bed, then going downstairs and seeing presents under the Christmas tree too! Of course, it wasn’t just about the presents. I loved being surrounded by my family at Christmas time and getting to share the day with them. Now that I’m a mum, I’ll be carrying on some of the Christmas traditions from my childhood with my own children…. [Read More]

Breastfeeding Vouchers

 I wasn’t going to write a post about this, but then I looked on Twitter. And Facebook. And other parenting blogs! If you haven’t already heard – where have you been?!  A new pilot scheme aimed at deprived areas of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire is offering new mothers up to £200 in shopping vouchers to encourage them to breastfeed their babies. The scheme which is partly funded by the tax payer and the medical research sector is also expected to be introduced to a third area with the plan to trial it on 130 women.  The Facts Aimed at deprived… [Read More]

The Weekly Shop Challenge: Delivery

I thought I would post a little update following on from my last post. Our online grocery shop arrived today and there were a few substitutions but they were all ok. Instead of super market brand products I got more expensive branded items but I was delighted when the delivery man explained I would be charged the price for the cheaper version. Yay! The delivery arrived promptly at 4pm. I choose delivery between 3-5pm. Everything I ordered arrived and I’m looking forward to cooking our first proper family meal tomorrow which will be chicken stir fry. I just hope the… [Read More]