Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine Review

It’s no secret that I enjoy sewing, so it comes as no surprise that my five year old twin girls are following in my footsteps with their love of sewing too. When I get my sewing machine out, our girls are keen for me to show them what I’m doing. They also love pressing the foot pedal down and helping to feed fabric through the needle. They’re both very enthusiastic about sewing so when I was offered the chance to review the Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine I jumped at the chance. Aimed at children aged six+, children can magically… [Read More]

Sewing Project: Guinea Pig Toys

I’ve been making rather a lot of toys recently for our twin girls, but I wanted to make my neice and nephew something special too. They have pet guinea pigs so I thought I’d make them a guinea pig toy each! When M caught sight of these she fell in love with the pink one! That very night I quickly made up another one just for her! The following morning R decided that she too wanted one, so I had to make another!

Sewing Project: Rainbow Baby Dolls

My latest sewing project was something I’d wanted to try for a while.  I purchased the rainbow babies pattern from Dolls and Daydreams. It’s a jointed doll with wool hair. I thought the biggest aspect I was facing was the hair, but in all honesty every part of this doll was super easy to make, making it one of my favourite patterns ever! Of course I had to make our girls one each, but I thought I’d treat myself to one as well! Here are some pictures of the creative process!  My next project is a unicorn for M, a… [Read More]

Sewing Project: Super King Size Quilt. Part 1.

I love sewing. It’s something I really enjoy. I love the whole process of deciding what to make, choosing the fabrics I’ll use and the actual creative process. Quilting isn’t new to me. A good few years ago I made our twin girls a quilt each out of their old baby clothes. One is yet to be finished, but I promise I will finish it soon! All of my sewing projects have been made using the fabulous John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine. It’s served me and still has plenty of life left in it. I’ll be keeping it for my… [Read More]

Sewing Project: Elephant Cuddly Toy

Not that long ago I wrote a post and shared my first ever Dolls and Daydreams creations. A mermaid and a superhero. Ever since making them I’m hooked and couldn’t wait to get started on making another fun creation! This time around I decided to purchase the elephant pattern. The reason I chose this pattern is because my girls and I have an ongoing ‘joke’ about elephants.  If we’re playing a guessing game or something ‘I spy’, I always mess around and give my answer as ‘an elephant!’ The girls think it’s funny and it’s kind of just grown from… [Read More]

VELCRO(R) Sew and Stitch Review – Baby Proofing Our Home. Part 2

Continuing the challenge of baby proofing our home using the wonderful range of VELCRO(R) products, today I will share with you how I have marvelously managed to ‘hide’ the contents of our book shelf from little hands!  For part 1 of this series of posts, please click here.  Using VELCRO(R) Sew & Stick, my plan of action was to use a sheet to cover the front of the book shelf.  Here is our book shelf before: As you can see, the range of books, DVDs and games is like a magnet to our twin girls. They literally run in their… [Read More]