Cookery Books from The Works

It’s no secret that I love home cooking. I’m not a fan of ready meals, but sometimes I’m just too busy to cook a meal from fresh so a ready meal has its uses. When The Works asked me to review some cookbooks, I chose the following ones: The Healthy Slow Cooker and 100 Slow Cooking Recipes Book Bundle Go On It’s Healthy Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect I love my slow cooker and tend to mainly use it in the winter months, but I’d like to use it more all year round. It’s great to be able to go… [Read More]

Liven up your salad the easy way!

When you hear the word salad what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Rabbits? Summer? Healthy eating? What if I said winter? A warm, hearty salad dish? A lot of people associate the word salad with summer. On a hot summers day I, like many other people enjoy tucking into a tasty salad. I mean I wouldn’t want to eat a bowl of hot soup on a sunny day would I! A salad is the perfect dish to eat laying on the grass whilst basking in the great British sunshine! Add in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice… [Read More]

Impressive, easy recipes

We’ve all experienced it…. Culinary inadequacy. You’re hosting friends at your house or you’re invited to an event and instructed to “bring a dish” but your idea of cooking is nuking the water for Ramen noodles. Don’t bother getting sucked into the black hole of Pinterest looking for an impressive dish. (Haven’t you heard of “Pinterest Fails?”) Here are some deceptively impressive recipes. For Starters: Baked Brie Ingredients Wedge of Brie Honey Sliced Almonds (buy them this way, don’t slice them yourself) French baguette Plop the wedge of Brie into a baking dish or onto a cookie sheet. Bake it… [Read More]

On a mission to lose weight

One of my new years resolutions is to loose weight. After doing some research online and looking at various types of diets I have decided that the one I’ll be following is the NHS Live Well 12 week plan. I used the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator to check my BMI and it came back as 25.64. This means I am overweight, although only just. I thought I would add the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator to this post because chances are if you’re reading this post you may be thinking about loosing weight too so you may find it useful.   BMI… [Read More]

The Weekly Shop Challenge

When Twin Daddy and I first moved in together our weekly food bill was around £60. I look back on those good times with fond memories! For no longer are our weekly shops so cheap. Most weeks we spend on average anything from £120-£150. Don’t ask me on what because I truly do not know! We don’t buy excessive amounts of food. Admittedly we do waste some food but I wouldn’t say it was an absurd amount. On Monday I was chatting to one of my colleagues in work about how much our weekly food shop is and I was… [Read More]