The Reality of Having Premature Twins: My Story for World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day. A global movement to raise awareness of premature birth and the devastating impact it can have on families. I previously worked with Pampers when they first launched their nappies for premature babies. Read about this here. I’m pleased to be working with Pampers again to highlight World Prematurity Day. Did you know that approximately 60,000 babies are born prematurely in the UK every year? That’s roughly 1 in 11 of all births. With so many babies being born too soon, it’s reassuring to know that the survival rate of premature babies in the UK is… [Read More]

A heartfelt thank you to NICU Nurses on International Nurses Day #ad

Today is International Nurses Day. #IND2017 A day that I simply cannot let pass me by without saying a massive, heartfelt thank you to the NICU nurses who helped care for our twin girls when they were born six weeks early. Following on from my post about Pampers Preemie Protection nappies, I wanted to take a moment to thank the nurses that helped our daughters, as well as my husband and I during the difficult time that our girls spent on the neonatal unit. NICU nurses are truly amazing. Not only do they witness just how delicate life can be, they… [Read More]

The impact of having premature twins and how pampers are helping #ad

Pampers Preemie Nappy

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mum. When I was little I used to collect baby dolls and pretend that they were real. I’d put nappies on them, dress them up for the day and then change them into their pyjamas at night time. Most of them would ‘sleep’ at the foot of my bed, but I’d always make sure I cuddled one at night time. When I thought about being a mummy, I imagined pushing them in the swing at the park, giving them lots of cuddles and singing songs to them. As I grew older and… [Read More]

A love letter to the ones who made our IVF dreams come true

Premature baby feet

Dear L, A and everyone else at the clinic where we had our IVF, From the very first day my husband and I met you all at your open evening, I think it’s fair to say that we knew we would be in a relationship with you that will truly last a lifetime. Although we haven’t seen one another for quite some time, there’s not a day that goes by without us thinking of you all. You see, you made our dream come true. Our dream to have children together, and you didn’t just make it happen once. You blessed us with twins,… [Read More]

I am Super Mum! What’s your super power?

Premature baby feet

Shhh, I want to let you know about a secret I’ve been hiding for quite some time now. I am Super Mum! Ok, so now that it’s out there for all to read, I guess it’s not so much of a secret anymore, but it is something of a mystery. You see, I’m not alone. There are millions of Super Mums, and Super Dads all over the world, but the majority of them just don’t know it. I am Super Mum because my body endured months of IVF treatment. Tests, needles and strange drugs were injected into my body by… [Read More]

Parents of Premature Babies: What you need to know

Premature baby feet

I wrote the title for this post back in October of last year, but that’s as far as I got in writing it. You see no one plans on their children being born prematurely. It’s just not something that you can factor into your life ‘just in case’. My husband and I had IVF. We made the decision to put two of our embryos back inside me as we wanted the best chance possible to conceive. We were very lucky that both embryo’s took and we were blessed with twins. Knowing what we now know, that our children would be… [Read More]

How to survive and thrive with twins

Discovering that you’re having twins for the very first time can be quite a scary prospect for most expectant parents. For my husband and I though we knew as soon as we found out that we were pregnant that we would be having twins. This is because my we had a type of IVF known as ICSI. We were lucky that we had a total of nine embryos that fertilised successfully. After discussing our options we decided that we would freeze seven of those embryos and have two transferred back into me. I know it may sound a little conceited… [Read More]

The highs and lows of parenting

(Scroll down to view my #voiceofmums video) Before I had children I dreamt of days spent on the sofa with a baby in my arms and something good on the TV. I imagined myself walking to the local park with my baby securely snuggled up in a baby carrier on my chest. The sun would be shining and I would sit on a blanket on the grass watching the world go by whilst tending to the needs of my baby. I would spend hours lovingly singing and talking to my baby to help them sleep. I’d cuddle them when they… [Read More]

It's too soon! The twins start nursery!

I can’t believe that our beautiful, little girls will be starting nursery in April. Where did all the time go? I remember sitting on our worn out black sofa in our top floor flat thinking about what would happen the following day. It was the night before our twins were going to be born. I was both nervous and excited, but also terrified! I’d never had an operation before and yet tomorrow would be the biggest of my life. A planned C-section. I was 34 weeks pregnant and our twins would be delivered six weeks early. We knew they were… [Read More]

Help us help Bliss and CRUK

Last year my husband and I started our very own charity campaign. Our aim is to raise £1,000 for Cancer Research UK and £1,000 for Bliss, the baby charity. We’re so pleased that so far we have raised a total of £701.00. As well as asking friends, family and complete strangers to donate to these two great charities, we also organised a charity raffle and a children’s Christmas Party. Both were a huge success and helped to raise lots of money. So now we are back! We will be skydiving for these two amazing charities – hopefully this year! We… [Read More]