March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

22nd May 2005. A date that will haunt me forever. The day that my sister and I lost our mum to ovarian cancer. The thing about ovarian cancer though, is that the date of her death isn’t the only date that haunts me. There where the days where we witnessed mum fragile and weak. The days where we witnessed her loosing her hair. The days where ovarian cancer showed itself in all of it’s brutal form as sickness and pain took over. Those days may haunt me, but it’s the days where mums strength and inner happiness shined through that… [Read More]

Jelly Stickers Fab Fashion Review: National Craft Month

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? In celebration of this the lovely people over at John Adams sent us a Jelly Stickers Fab Fashion set to review. Our twins love crafts, especially if it’s messy so I knew the Jelly Stickers Fab Fashion set would go down well with them! Inside you can find over 70 shiny foil Jelly Stickers, six jelly paints, glitter frosting and mini star and heart shaped sequin sprinkles for extra sparkle! There’s also a special swirling tool to help create different effects! The stickers are all pretty girly with a mixture of… [Read More]

A day in the life of a twin mum

R (left), M (right) It’s been quite some time since I first wrote my ‘A day in the life of a twin mum‘ post, so I thought it was about time I wrote another and shared with you what our day looks like. In my last post of this type our girls were 11 months old. They are now 19 months old so some things have changed a lot. The first most noteable thing is that we have had a bit of a change around. Back in January, M would spend the night in bed with me and R would spend the… [Read More]

Little Bird Told Me: Toy Review

We were recently asked to review the Curious Caterpillar Activity Pull Along toy from Little Bird Told Me. Little Bird Told Me consists of a team of nursery specialists who are dedicated to making the world of little people and grown-ups that little bit more special. The product ranges offer an exceptional choice of developmental activity toys, innovative infant rocking animals & horses and nursery accessories, all of which are presented in beautiful eco-friendly gift style packaging. As I started unwrapping the Curious Caterpillar Activity Pull Along toy R and M were getting more and more inquisitive! As soon as they could see what… [Read More]

Sleep Update

Hoorah!  *Jumps up and down ecstatically* I think it is now safe to officially blog about sleep again! We have managed to get R to sleep in her cot all night! In my last sleep post I mentioned that we were all co-sleeping.  It took me a long time to come around to the idea of sharing my bed with a baby. I was worried that I would roll on top of them or that they would roll out of bed or even worse.  When R and M were around 10/11 months old I finally gave in. Lack of sleep… [Read More]

Our Favourite Toddler Toys

As I’m always on the lookout for toys to entertain and educate our twins, I thought I would write a post about their favourite toys. I would like to stress that this is not a sponsored post. I haven’t been asked to write this by anyone nor have I been paid or accepted anything for writing this post. I haven’t included links to these toys in this post as I’m posting from my mobile but a quick online search should bring them up. Enjoy! 1.  Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks. It’s only in the past few months that… [Read More]

Toddler Crafts: Toilet Roll Cheerio Rattle

Today’s crafty activity is very simple to make. It’s quick, easy and won’t cost much! What you’ll need 1 cardboard toilet roll tube per child 1sheet of A4 paper Sellotape A handful or two of Cheerios or similar cereal To do: First up simply tear the A4 sheet of paper into 2 strips (per toilet roll). Next you will need to Sellotape 1 piece of torn up paper to one end of the toilet roll tube. This is to stop the Cheerios falling out! Step three is to put a handful of Cheerios into the toilet roll tube and then… [Read More]

Toddler Crafts: A box, foam stickers and some crayons

Today’s crafty activity is non messy, non sticky and non boring! What you’ll need: 1 plain cardboard box per child Some foam stickers Crayons (or colouring pencils) Activity Time! (30-60 minutes) A while ago I invested in some flat packed, plain white cardboard boxes and I knew I would find a use for them! Tah da! Today I folded two boxes up and encouraged the girls to draw on them with pencils (we have a missing crayon situation!). Once the girls had done this I then handed them foam star shaped stickers which they loved using to decorate their boxes… [Read More]

13 Months Old: Sleep Update

I haven’t blogged properly for a while because myself and the twins have been ill. So, I thought today I would give you an update on the girls sleep. We’ll start off with daytime naps. They have two. The first at 9am. R has around 30 minutes, whereas M varies between 30-60 minutes. I don’t let them sleep past 10am as this then impacts their second nap, which is straight after lunch at 1230pm and both girls have 90 minutes. Sounds ok you might think? Well in theory yes but in reality…no! Why? We are still swaddling and rocking both… [Read More]

Sleeping Update

Things haven’t been great lately with regard to the girls night time sleep. Their daytime naps are fine. They still have a 30 minute nap at 9am, followed by a 90 minute nap after lunch, at 1230pm. Night time, however, has become harder. Both girls would wake more or less within an hour of us putting them in their cots and we would spend quite some time getting them back to sleep again by rocking them, only for them to wake half an hour later. Twin daddy still ends up on the sofa with R every night and I have… [Read More]