Milk & More Review: Fresh milk and groceries delivered to your door

When I was growing up, I remember having milk delivered to the door by our local milk man. There’s something almost quaint about having those little glass bottles arriving as if by magic on your doorstep! Unfortunately, over the years, we’ve seen a decline in traditional milk floats delivering milk to our door. With more and more people doing their grocery shopping online and opting to have it delivered to their door, I can understand why milk floats have all but disappeared. However, they are making a come back! We recently trialled a milk delivery service by Milk & More…. [Read More]

Capturing Shared Moments with Memory Lane | Ad

I was recently asked by Channel Mum and Cadburys to share my precious moments of shared joy with my children. I’m always taking pictures of my twin girls and our adventures together. Whether it be a country walk, fun in the garden or simply reading books together. They’re moments I treasure and will always remember. Using the amazing 360 technology I used the new Memory Lane tool from Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons to create my own personalised video. It’s a lovely way to save photos and look back at those favourite photos. What’s even more wonderful is that you can… [Read More]

Bedtime routines at two years old

It’s been a long day. 6.30pm arrives. The girls are in their pyjamas, as am I! We make our way into the kitchen and grab a bottle of milk from the counter top. M is in daddy’s arms, whilst R is cradled in mine. We return to our front room. The blinds have been closed and the curtains drawn. We’ve said goodnight to the outside world and turned the lights off. The TV is on mute and I can’t wait for the girls to sleep so I can just sit and do nothing! At just over two years old, I… [Read More]

Weaning Complete (A late update)

Before I begin I should say sorry for the lack of weaning posts. My last one (click here) was some time ago, so I’ll do my best to write everything I remember. In my last post I talked about how the girls appetites were growing which meant that Twin Daddy and I decided to increase the amount of food we fed the girls. Well, I am happy to say that we are no longer using baby food jars as our girls are now eating proper family foods.  How did we transition from baby food jars to normal food? Well, just… [Read More]

13 Months Old: Sleep Update

I haven’t blogged properly for a while because myself and the twins have been ill. So, I thought today I would give you an update on the girls sleep. We’ll start off with daytime naps. They have two. The first at 9am. R has around 30 minutes, whereas M varies between 30-60 minutes. I don’t let them sleep past 10am as this then impacts their second nap, which is straight after lunch at 1230pm and both girls have 90 minutes. Sounds ok you might think? Well in theory yes but in reality…no! Why? We are still swaddling and rocking both… [Read More]

My Big Mouth – Stop the Breastfeeding Guilt Trip

Image courtesy of Jomphong/ As many women and men know, breast milk is best for our babies. However, does that mean that new mothers decisions not to breastfeed are being overlooked? I was shocked to read the following headline today on the Daily Mail: ‘Baby formula milk should have cigarette style health warnings telling mothers breast is best, says top charity’ Save the Children say that they want large cigarette style warnings, big enough to cover at least a third of the packaging with the message that breast is best. Why am I so shocked by this? As a charity,… [Read More]

Weaning Twins…2 months in

It has been a while since my last weaning post, so I thought I would post an update. If you have read my last weaning post I mentioned that I wanted the girls lunch to consist of finger foods. This is because I was keen to have some sort of baby led weaning in the girls routine. However, this hasn’t happened! The girls are now on 3 meals a day, as follows: * Breakfast which consists of fruity, yogurt porridge. I make this up using 150ml of the girls milk.  * Lunch which consists of 2 baby food jars between… [Read More]

A Day in the Life of a Twin Mum

Being twin parents is hard and tiring, but we love it. Yes, we have days where all we seem to do is change nappies and console crying babies, but then we have other days where our babies just play, smile and laugh together. I thought I would write a post about my day as a twin mum! Morning 05:30    Twin Daddy wakes and makes a bottle each for R and M. M’s first bottle of the day includes ‘Ranitidine’ which is prescribed for her silent reflux. Every bottle M has, also contains one dose of infant gaviscon, again for… [Read More]

Weaning Twins Day 9. Introducing Vegetables

Weaning has been going well. Here is a rough idea of our morning routine: 5/6am – Bottle 6-8/8.30am – Nap time 9/9.30am – Bottle 9.30am-10am – Nap time 10am – Baby rice or porridge Both girls seem to really love Heinz Creamy Oat Porridge. I did have a taste myself and it is delicious!  Today we will be introducing some vegetables to the girls following their afternoon feed, which is usually anytime between 3 and 4pm. We would look to give them some veg about an hour after their milk feed. In preparation for this, Twin Daddy, made some vegetable puree. Broccoli, carrots,… [Read More]

Weaning Twins Day 6

Weaning is going well. I have found by trial and error that the best time to give our girls some food is about an hour after their milk feed. At the moment we are sticking to baby rice.  I must mention in this post, that Twin Daddy is fantastic! I know I’m biased but he really is fantastic! In the early days when we brought our girls home from hospital at 4 weeks old, they used to feed every 3 hours round the clock. I often wondered to myself how we would cut out the 2.30am feed. Somehow we did…. [Read More]