Giant Piano Mat Review

Giant Piano Mat

Like most children, my four year old twins love music. Ever since they were babies, I’ve sung songs to them. I’ve played various musical instruments to them such as shakers, tambourines and drums. They even have a mini piano which was a bargain buy that I’m very proud of! We have a dedicated drawer in our living room that’s full of musical instruments. Of course, they’ve kind of grown out of some of the instruments, but I keep them just in case! My husband loves his music too so he’s always playing songs on his speaker to the girls. It’s… [Read More]

Twins on the move – Uh Oh!

Have you ever sat back and wondered where the time has gone?  One minute your holding your newborn in your arms, the next you’re chasing them around the living room trying to grab whatever it is they have managed to get their hands on and trying to stop them from putting it in their mouths! 9 months! Nearly 9 months old. I can’t believe it. It really has flown by and in some respects I’m glad. I don’t have to try to feed two crying mouths a bottle at once, I don’t have to rock two crying babies at once… [Read More]

A Day in the Life of a Twin Mum

Being twin parents is hard and tiring, but we love it. Yes, we have days where all we seem to do is change nappies and console crying babies, but then we have other days where our babies just play, smile and laugh together. I thought I would write a post about my day as a twin mum! Morning 05:30    Twin Daddy wakes and makes a bottle each for R and M. M’s first bottle of the day includes ‘Ranitidine’ which is prescribed for her silent reflux. Every bottle M has, also contains one dose of infant gaviscon, again for… [Read More]