4 Ways that a chiropractor can help you

If you are wondering why most of your friends prefer professional chiropractors over an ordinary massage therapist, then this article will be able to shed light on your confusion. Yes, both massage therapists and chiropractors utilise their hands in their work, only, chiropractors provide treatment for causes of stress, migraines and overall bodily weaknesses, while a massage therapist will only provide momentary relief from muscle tension and stress that will most likely recur after a few days. If you are suffering from a lot of stress, muscle tension and weakness in your body, then visiting a professional chiropractor might be… [Read More]

Our 2017 Family Bucket List

Spooky Spiders

I’ve seen a few of these bucket list posts floating around the internet so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and let you know our plans and hopes for 2017 too! 2016 was a pretty good for us. We had lots of lovely days out with friends and family, as well as a few school trips. We visited some new places such as Walnut Tree Farm, Castell Coch, and Greenmeadow Community Farm. We also took part in a few different activities such as a Spooky Spider Crafts at Pughs Garden Centre, and took part in their Butterfly Ball, and we… [Read More]

Our day at the spa

It seems like so long away now, but my sister, who blogs at Two Under Two, and I went to Bannatynes Spa for a relaxing spa day a few months ago. We’ve been to a spa together once before after seeing an offer on Groupon and when I saw another offer for Bannatynes Spa we jumped at the chance! This was our first time at Bannatynes. I live just around the corner, but have never really thought about joining or going to the gym. I think having two kids now has something to do with this! Anyway the offer was… [Read More]