A swimming trip on my own with our girls

I was so excited to be able to take our girls swimming on my own last week! Not because I didn’t want my husband to come with us, but because as a mum of twins I’ve never been able to taken them on my own before. All of my friends who have one baby enjoy weekly trips to the swimming pool whilst their husbands are at work, but because I have twins I’ve never been able to do to this. Our local leisure centre won’t allow one adult to take two children under the age of four swimming on their… [Read More]

Leisure Centre Changing Rooms

A friend of mine recently gave me an idea for a blog post surrounding leisure centre changing rooms and she makes a very valid point. On a recent visit to a leisure centre run by our local council she found a man in the female changing rooms with his daughter. One of the mums in the changing expressed her concerns about him being in the female changing room, but he said that he didn’t want to take his young daughter into the men’s changing rooms. I can completely understood his point. When my husband and I take our twin girls… [Read More]

Our First Swimming Trip

From the moment we brought our twin girls home from hospital, I have been desperate to take them swimming. Today was that day! What to take with you for baby: * A swimming costume or baby wetsuit * Swim nappies * Baby’s normal nappies * Baby lotion * Hooded Towel for baby * Baby sleep suit & vest * Baby Blanket * Baby’s milk I was unsure about what sort of swim wear to buy for our girls. A wet suit type outfit or normal baby swimming costume. In the end I opted for the wet suit type and I’m… [Read More]