Top toddler attractions in Cardiff

I’m always looking for new, fun and exciting places to take my twins so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite places to your toddler is bound love! Cefn Mably Farm Park We’ve been here a few times and each time our girls have had so much fun! The first time we went our girls were around 18 months old and the second time they were two years old, but Cefn Mably Farm is suitable for all ages. On the way in there is a large window which once looked through gives you a view… [Read More]

Tommee Tippee Snack N Go and First Cutlery Set Review

Every time Twin Daddy and I go food shopping we have to bring a packet of crisps with us for our girls. Mainly because it helps keep them sitting in the trolley as oppose to trying to stand up in the seats and then crying because they want to come out! The problem with doing this is that a lot of the time the crisps end up being tipped onto the floor or the girls will throw the packet on the floor because they think it’s hilarious to watch mummy, daddy or their step-brother repeatedly pick it up!  We were… [Read More]

Can a routine be flexible?

I have blogged previously (click here to read post) about routine and whether you should live your life around your babies routine or whether your baby should just fit into your every day life. For the past few months Twin Daddy and I have definitely allowed the girls to dictate our lives. By that I mean we arrange our days and the times we go out to fit around nap times and when the girls eat. For example, when the girls were having two naps a day we would wait until after the second nap of the day to go… [Read More]