A Crafty Halloween

This year will be the first time that we mention Halloween to our girls. We haven’t done so in previous years because they’ve been too young to understand and get involved in with Halloween activities. We’ll make some decorations together to hang up around the house. I have some orange tissue paper I’m sure I can put to good use! We can make paper chains with spiders drawn on and add some cotton wool to make it look like cobwebs! We’ll dress up as cats, clowns or pumpkins and make pictures to put on the fridge, walls and doors. I’ve seen… [Read More]

Making School Days as Stress Free as Possible

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, whether it’s the first day back after the half term break or it’s in the middle of term, school days can be full of hassle. Making it easy for yourself and the kids is essential if you want to keep things as stress free as possible, and also keep the grey hairs at bay, too! Whether you’ve been enjoying a casual, chilled out couple of days at the weekend, or you’ve gotten used to a week or two half term break, getting back into the swing of things can be hard…. [Read More]

George ASDA: Christmas Jumper Challenge

George at ASDA have some really fun knitwear this season, including their festive jumpers. The range is fun and really affordable, so they offer a great way to wear trends without having to fork out too much. We’ve been challenged to style a jumper from the George range each so here goes! For Twin Daddy This festive men’s Christmas Jumper has been teamed up with a pair of denim jeans. There’s nothing more classic at Christmas time than a pair of jeans and a jumper. This slogan print Christmas Jumper has the words ‘Ho Ho’ interwoven as well as some presents and… [Read More]