Butterfly, Labels, Transgender and Bullies

This post is probably going to be a long one, but if you can bear with me and make it to the end, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. This post is a bit of a random mash of thoughts I’ve had this week, but somehow they’re all closely related. Stick with it! Butterfly My husband and I recently watched the ITV drama, Butterfly. Image source Butterfly follows the journey of 11 year old Max who reveals to his family that he has Gender Identification Disorder. Put simply, Max was born a boy, but he feels… [Read More]

Girls can like Spiderman too!

When I found out that I was having girls I was over the moon and I immediately started looking at buying various clothes and toys. I looked for the usual white baby all-in-ones and vests and obviously bought a few pink items too. Our girls are three and a half now and I love how different they are! M is quite girly. She loves wearing dresses and playing with dolls. Her favourite colour varies from pink to red and back again. She likes to dress up as a ballerina and princesses. Her favourite at the moment is Cinderella and Belle… [Read More]

Is she a boy?

“Is she a boy?” That’s the question I was asked today by a boy who couldn’t have been much older than five or six. I can understand the question he asked so naively. I mean looking at R in her blue canvas pumps, blue shorts and blue t-shirt I can see how from a quick glance he may have thought her a boy, but when looking from the shoulders up at her long brown hair and feminine face there’s no mistaking that she is in fact a girl! I wasn’t offended by the boys question. I found it humorous more… [Read More]

Boys should be boys and girls should be girls?

I read a headline in the news not too long ago about a boy being sent home from nursery because he was wearing a dress. Being a mum to twin girls, I can’t put myself in that boys mums shoes, but I agree with her views. Where is the harm in allowing a boy to wear a dress? Does that mean girls can’t pretend to be racing drivers or fire fighters? Refuse workers or builders? In my opinion the world is a much more open minded and accepting place than it was even 20-30 years ago. In writing this post… [Read More]