• Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag Review

    June 9, 2015

    As a mum of twins my changing bag is fit to burst. Although my girls are three years old I still use a changing bag everyday and it’s always full, with hardly any room to spare. With that in mind it’s important to me that a changing bag is both spacious and durable. The contents…

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  • Funky Giraffe Review and Competition

    April 4, 2015

    When our twins were younger, my husband and I always used bandana bibs to protect their clothes from getting soaked with dribble. Not only do bandana bibs look great, but they also help to prevent rashes on sensitive skin. Funky Giraffe kindly sent me five of their XL bandana bibs. Although our girls are now…

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  • Cussons Mum and Me Little Explorers Review

    September 26, 2013

    Cussons Mum & Me have created  a brand new range of products to help you through all the amazing ups and downs becoming a mum, right from Bump to New Mum to Baby. Cussons have been taking care of all kinds of skin and hair for over 100 years, so they know a thing or…

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  • Funky Giraffe Review and Giveaway

    August 29, 2013

    Our girls are 18 months old and although they are twins it amazes me how differently they develop. R was the first to cut a tooth at 7/8 months old and by the time M cut her first tooth, R had around 3-4. Then suddenly, M would catch and overtake R. It’s funny because in…

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