Top Adventure Holidays in Europe

Finding adventure isn’t always easy, it requires a lot of thought and effort to find an adventure which will not only challenge you and bring you experienced, but actually impact your life for the future. Going on an adventure can bring you skills which can be applied to future tasks and form you into the person you achieve to be. That’s why… Norway is simply one of the most stunning places in Europe, and the best possible way to take in all in, is by travelling through car across the most secluded parts of the country. The road will take… [Read More]

Sporting Vacation Ideas for an Active Family Trip to Europe

When planning a holiday as a family, it can sometimes seem difficult to please everyone. You might feel like relaxing, but worry that the kids may get bored. The older children might want to take part in activities and adventures, but you have no idea where to begin.    Fortunately, if this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Adventure holidays have become more popular in recent years, with many sports on offer across a host of destinations, especially in the varied terrain of European countries such as Italy, Turkey, Spain and France.    But it doesn’t have to be all action… [Read More]

Anyone else a football widow?

I often find myself sitting in a trance next to my husband in our living room. This isn’t because I’ve been hypnotised, it’s because my husband is engrossed in another game of football. He’ll shout at the TV, jump up and down like a lunatic and fidget in his seat waiting for his team to score the next goal. He supports Manchester United and has been to Old Trafford a number of times to see them play live. It’s fair to say he’s a devoted supporter! Unfortunately my husband advises me that for the first time in about twenty years… [Read More]

The best things to do in Venice with kids

Canal Grande from Rialto Bridge in Venice by Wolfgang Moroder (CC BY-SA 3.0) I’m sure that couples with kids will agree: keeping children busy and entertained during a holiday can be very tricky. We cannot expect them to like modern art or to enjoy a nice dinner in a very sophisticated restaurant. They want to get involved, be active, explore and have fun. Today, I am here to help you: read through to find out the best things to do in Venice with your kids and don’t worry about your budget. It is indeed true, that accommodation costs are pretty high there, but… [Read More]