Am I boring?

If you ask me what my idea of a good night is, I’d say being at home with my husband. Our girls would be asleep in bed. We’d have a good film on, and perhaps a takeaway too. I’d be laying on the sofa under a blanket next to my husband. Boring? Perhaps, but that’s my idea of a good night! That may change as our children get older. I may push the boat out, and my husband and I may go out for a meal in the evening, perhaps a concert or the cinema etc, but for now a… [Read More]

Interior design and lighting to suit a young family

Your indoor lighting is an important element of your household’s interior design and it can turn a young family’s home into a lively and energized place. In order for it all look good you need to make use of a mixture of large decorative lights, and characterless, more practical lights. The Living Room Comfort-Feel  If you want to provide your living room with that cozy welcoming feeling for yourself and your children after a hard day of work and games respectively, the best type of lights you can use is a traditional covered lamp. A great choice would be this from lampcommerce. … [Read More]

Toddler Crafts: Toilet Roll Cheerio Rattle

Today’s crafty activity is very simple to make. It’s quick, easy and won’t cost much! What you’ll need 1 cardboard toilet roll tube per child 1sheet of A4 paper Sellotape A handful or two of Cheerios or similar cereal To do: First up simply tear the A4 sheet of paper into 2 strips (per toilet roll). Next you will need to Sellotape 1 piece of torn up paper to one end of the toilet roll tube. This is to stop the Cheerios falling out! Step three is to put a handful of Cheerios into the toilet roll tube and then… [Read More]

Toddler Crafts: A box, foam stickers and some crayons

Today’s crafty activity is non messy, non sticky and non boring! What you’ll need: 1 plain cardboard box per child Some foam stickers Crayons (or colouring pencils) Activity Time! (30-60 minutes) A while ago I invested in some flat packed, plain white cardboard boxes and I knew I would find a use for them! Tah da! Today I folded two boxes up and encouraged the girls to draw on them with pencils (we have a missing crayon situation!). Once the girls had done this I then handed them foam star shaped stickers which they loved using to decorate their boxes… [Read More]