Winter Vs Summer Play

I love summer. Everyone’s happy and upbeat! It’s warm and dry meaning you can go out and do things. Winter, however is a different story altogether. I don’t hate Winter, but I do find it a struggle at times when it comes to entertaining the girls. Summer is so easy. We can either spend the day in the garden with the paddling pool out along with the sand and water table. This keeps the girls happy and entertained all day. We could go for a walk, play in the park or go to the lake. Summer 2014 we lived outside… [Read More]

To entertain or not to entertain? That is the question!

Over the past two and half years I’ve found lots of different ways to entertain my children. When they were babies simple things such as talking and singing to them worked, as well as pulling silly faces and making funny noises. Like most parents we also invested in a cot mobile – which we never used – along with a variety of toys that made sounds or had flashing lights on! Now that our children are almost three, I’ve been looking at the ways in which I keep my children entertained and I’ve been questioning it. That’s not a bad… [Read More]

We Stayed Indoors!

I can’t remember the last time I spent a whole day indoors with the twins. Most days we go out somewhere. Whether it’s to the park, shops, baby or music group we’re always busy doing something. I’m quite an organised person so I always have a plan at least 24 hours beforehand of what I’m going to do. During term time I take the girls to play group on a Thursday and music group on a Friday. On a Wednesday if it’s raining I usually go to the indoor soft play centre, but if it’s dry I’ll take the girls… [Read More]

A busy week!

Following on from my ‘Can a routine be flexible post’ I thought I would write a little update. I mentioned in that post that I would be taking the girls to the Techniquest Toddler Day. Well, we didn’t manage to go, however we did manage to fill our days with some other activities. I work Mondays and Tuesdays so I like to take full advantage of the rest of the week and try to get out and do things and go places that I think the girls will enjoy. On Wednesday we went to soft play (post all about that… [Read More]

Entertaining Baby! Birth- 3 Months!

At varying times over the past 8 months, I have often wondered how to keep our twin girls entertained. I didn’t want them to get bored, so put a bit of thought into how to keep them engaged. I have said in the title that this is from birth to 3 months. Regular readers will know that we weren’t able to bring our girls home until they were 4 weeks old, but I am sure that the idea’s I will present to you in this post, will help keep a newborn entertained. Newborn – 3 Months Now, quite a few… [Read More]