Saying Goodbye to Our Embryos

A little over six years ago my husband and I welcomed our twin girls into the world. After going through IVF we were very lucky that we had nine embryos successfully fertilised. Two of those were placed back into me and resulted in our twins, the other seven were frozen for possible future use. I’ve written previously about the struggle my husband and I face every year when we receive a letter through the door from the clinic asking us if we’d like to renew, donate or let our embryos perish. For the last six years we’ve chosen to renew… [Read More]

A hard decision – embryo renewal

Once a year for the past three years the post will fall onto the floor from the letterbox. Before I even pick up the letter I know exactly what it’s about and who it’s from. Our fertility clinic. It’s time to decide whether or not we want to renew our embryos. My husband and I were very lucky that our first attempt at IVF worked and resulted in non-identical twin girls who are now three years old.  We were also very lucky to have seven embryos left over which were promptly frozen for any future cycles we wished to have…. [Read More]

A Big Decision

Our twins when they were embryos To perish or not to perish? That is the very important question Twin Daddy and I have had to ask ourselves this week. We have 7 frozen embryo’s and a number of vials of frozen sperm. We have already renewed our storage once and it’s that time of year again where we have to decide what we are going to do. At a cost of £275 each, a total of £550 for the year it’s not cheap. Would we like to have more children? Yes and No! I’m in love with the idea of… [Read More]