Twinkl Educational Resources Review: Video Special

Like many parents I want to ensure that my children really enjoy the summer holidays. However, I do wonder what impact this break from school will have on their education. Our girls have been doing so well with their learning and reading. It seems a shame to go a whole six weeks without doing anything to support them and continue building on what they’ve already learnt. That’s why when Twinkl asked me to review their website, I was pretty excited. I have reviewed them once before back in 2014, but now that the girls are leaving reception and heading into year… [Read More]

Twinkl Educational Resources Review

Teaching our children valuable skills when they’re young can help give them a real head start and also prepare them better for when they start school. When Twinkl contacted me about reviewing their services, I took one look at their website and agreed! I’m a big believer that parents should play an active part in their children’s education. I’ve looked into home schooling my children and have learnt a lot about the education system in doing so. Twinkl is a fantastic online educational resource website. From the age of two onward (in my opinion), you’ll be able to find something… [Read More]

Getting ready for Christmas

Image courtesy of Feelart/ You may have noticed that I have written quite a lot lately about Christmas and it’s only September! I am a stickler for being organised and I am already planning what Christmas presents I will be buying everyone. This will be our twins second Christmas and unlike their first Christmas I am planning on buying them a little more than last year. Mainly because they will be a little older, but also because I want to get rid of the toys that are too young for them and ideally focus on toys that are more educational…. [Read More]