Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads Review

How do you even begin to start potty training twins? This was something I’d asked myself on numerous occasions. I already knew that I wanted to wait until our girls were two years old. I remember that starting before this age wasn’t a good idea because children don’t tend to have control of their bladders until at least two years of age. I knew that I would be patient and I knew that I wouldn’t rush our girls. I’d let them tell me when they were ready. In the back of my mind I’d had it in my head to… [Read More]

5* Cork and Dry Wipe Board: A Crafty Review

As a Shoplet blogger I was recently sent this cork and dry wipe board to review. I’m the type of person that has to write things down either on my phone or on a scrap of paper somewhere so that I remember to do things. This doesn’t always help me though, especially if I lose the piece of paper with my reminder on it! This board is perfect for me to scribble down my shopping or to do lists on and the cork board side of it is great for me to pin my hair appointment cards and recipes to…. [Read More]

Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review

Having two babies with occasional nappy rash, I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to review this 100% natural baby balm with guilt free ingredients.  I was going to wait a week before I wrote this review to give it a chance to work, but to be honest with you after using Pot of Gold Baby Balm for 2 days, I noticed an almost immediate difference.  I decided to use my normal baby cream on one of our girls and this baby balm on our other girl. After 2 days of using Pot of Gold Baby Balm I… [Read More]