We are considering double glazed sash windows

Just as the title says, we are considering double glazed sash windows but a quick search overwhelmed me. There are literally hundreds of companies, with a staggering number located in London. I only wanted a few local quotes but it seems that I should be looking to take advantage of just how competitive this all is. Maybe I can bag myself a hefty discount on high quality hardwood double glazed sash windows. Something I noticed about the genuine sash window companies. They all had many good reviews on Google. London Sash Window Repairs Ltd reviews were no exception. Just take… [Read More]

Here’s to a crafty 2016!

It’s no secret that I love crafts. Whether it be scrap booking, making things with the kids, quilting, knitting or sewing something. In the past I’ve made quilts for our twins using their old baby clothes and I’ve half knitted two scarves for them! I’d like to be more crafty in 2016 so I thought I’d write about my progress. Over the past few weeks I’ve sourced fabrics from various places. My sister was kind enough to give me a bag, as were two ladies from a Facebook selling group. I also bought a pack of fat quarters online, along… [Read More]

Win a double mattress from Dormeo

When our twins were born, my husband and I invested in a super king size bed. A decision that has changed our sleeping habits for the foreseeable future. It means when our twins are ill and want a cuddle we have plenty of room in our bed. Although we always have one little girl in bed with us every night – ill or not! The great thing about a memory mattress is that it feels like I have the bed to myself! Not that sharing a bed with my husband is a bad thing – although he does snore! What… [Read More]

The interior designer inside of me!

Oh, how I long to own my own home! Nothing big or too fancy! Nothing too posh or too frumpy! I dream of my dream home and this little voice inside of me screams out all these wonderful designs and art that will adorn my walls! A country style kitchen with plenty of storage, but not too much that it looks cluttered.  Space saving units and definitely a breakfast bar.  A dishwasher that doesn’t look like a dishwasher. A washing machine with a tumble dryer and a sink with those taps with hand sensors on so you don’t have to… [Read More]

Finding the right pushchair

R and M in their double pushchair The thought of buying a pushchair can be a daunting task for expectant parents. It seems that nowadays you can buy anything in your local supermarket including pushchairs! The different types of pushchair ranges available are vast and yet making this purchase is one of the challenges every mum and dad faces. Twin Daddy and I started our search online. From tandems to side-by-sides, even ones that sit on top of each other, we were overwhelmed by the choice. I wanted a pushchair that would last a good few years. One that was… [Read More]