Doodle Collection Notebook Review & Competition

I absolutely love stationary. You won’t believe how many unused notebooks I have sitting around my house! Although they’re currently unused, I know that one day I will get around to filling each and every one of them. You see I keep a kind of diary, but it’s not like one of those diaries in which I write down what I did today. In my diary I like to focus on the positive things that happen. I use one page for the week and write down all of the positive things that happened that week. Nothing negative is allowed! Some… [Read More]

Viking Direct Stationery Review

Like many people I love a bit of stationery.  I don’t know why or exactly what it is that I find so interesting about it, but it’s fair to say I own quite a bit of stationery.  I was recently contacted by Viking to review some of their products.  Viking are a large office supplies retailer who sell everything from stationery and craft supplies to electronics and furniture.  I chose the following items to review:  Mister Maker Doodle Drawers  BIC Crystal Pen for Her (Black)  Office Depot Presentation Folder  Pukka Reporters Pad (Black) Set of 3 Sidewalk Chalk  Crayola Anti-dust White Chalk  Berol… [Read More]