Why I keep a food diary and weigh myself every day

Feeling comfortable in my own skin has always been something of a mission of mine. Last year I managed to lose two stone, and I started running. I even completed my first half marathon and am signed up to do it all again this year. Like many other men and women who have tried to lose weight, I’ve had some pretty unsuccessful experiences. Take 2016 for example. I started the year at a weight I was happy with, but the end of 2016, I’d put all that weight back on again. It’s something of a viscous cycle that felt like… [Read More]

Collins Academic Leadership Diary Review

I love diaries. I have a few of them and they all serve me different purposes. One is a diary that I use to write about my everyday life with my husband and twin girls. It’s a way of me recording important milestones and happy memories with the hope that one day when I’m no longer here, it will make a good read for my children. A way for them to know more about their mum and also about themselves when they were children. My other diary I use to keep track of my blog. Which posts are due to… [Read More]

Our Pregnancy Diary (Video Special)

During my pregnancy, Twin Daddy and I made a number of videos. Now that we have our own You Tube channel, we thought we would share with you our pregnancy video diary. Stayed tuned as tomorrow we will sharing with you our very special video: ‘The Twins are Born’

Invading your child's privacy

Me when I was younger Nowadays more children than ever are using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I remember the good old days of MSN and MySpace. Although these may not be as popular now as they were when I was growing up, it brings me to the all-important question of your child’s online safety and indeed how much privacy should you give your child. When I was a teenager I had a diary and I would write everything in it. From what I was watching on TV to who I fancied at school. One day my… [Read More]

Our Pregnancy Diary: The Second Trimester (4D Scan Video)

Our 5 month twin bump 15 Weeks Pregnant. Tuesday, 18th October 2011 Mummy and daddy had a midwife appointment today. The midwife took mummy’s blood pressure, asked how I was and signed a lot of forms! The midwife told us that she would see us next when I am 25 weeks pregnant. This means we get to listen to your heartbeats, so we are very excited!  After the midwife appointment we went for a scan. You have both grown so much!! The nurse said that she thinks one of you is a girl but she couldn’t tell us what she… [Read More]

Our Pregnancy Diary: The First Trimester.

During our pregnancy, we decided to keep a pregnancy diary. The reason behind this, is because we didn’t want to forget a single moment of our pregnancy. I also want to share this special and precious time of our lives with our children when they are older. I would encourage everyone to write a pregnancy diary. I love reading mine back and remembering the little things I had forgotten. Pregnancy is so special. The best gift anyone can ever have. Here, we will share with you our pregnancy diary & bump pictures. I hope you enjoy! 4 weeks pregnant. Tuesday, 2nd August… [Read More]