My little blogging office: How to create a great workspace

One thing I’ve always wanted is my own office. My own little desk where I can write in peace, without any distractions. We’ll be moving home very soon, not through choice, but that’s a whole other story! One thing that I’m planning on doing when we find our new home is creating a small area for me to do all of my blogging. I’ve been thinking about what would make a perfect workspace for me and this is what I’ve come up with so far. Light and airy I’d like to have plenty of windows around so that I have… [Read More]

Creating Our Own Christmas Traditions

Growing up I remember some specific details about what would happen in our house at Christmas time. Mum would make a Christmas cake every year and it always tasted delicious. We would have the whole family around ours on Christmas day and after opening our presents we would all sit around the dining table together and enjoy Christmas dinner. I remember waking up every Christmas morning to an overflowing Christmas stocking at the foot of my bed. Like most children, I imagine, I hardly slept Christmas eve for all the excitment of what the following day would bring. I swear… [Read More]

Creating an exciting environment for kids to play in

Image courtesy of marin/ Creating an exciting and engaging environment for your children to play in is no doubt the ideal that all parents strive for. The reality for most, though, is that it can be quite difficult to achieve. Toys have a habit of spreading across a house and mums and dads are often left wondering how to control the invasion. The good news is that you can sort through the mess, and make it easier for your little one to play with their toys without them taking over the entire house. Probably an important thing to remember is… [Read More]