Doodle Collection Notebook Review & Competition

I absolutely love stationary. You won’t believe how many unused notebooks I have sitting around my house! Although they’re currently unused, I know that one day I will get around to filling each and every one of them. You see I keep a kind of diary, but it’s not like one of those diaries in which I write down what I did today. In my diary I like to focus on the positive things that happen. I use one page for the week and write down all of the positive things that happened that week. Nothing negative is allowed! Some… [Read More]

Disney Movie Collection Book Review from Parragon Books

We’re big Disney fans in our home. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film of all time. It’s an absolute classic and my girls love it too! More recently, Frozen, is another favourite of ours and most days, M, likes to dress up as Elsa. The other day, R, even dressed like Kristoff!   When we were recently sent two Disney Movie Collection books to review from Parragon, I was amazed that both books included every single part of each film. Everything was included! We received Frozen and The Jungle book.   The books are quite long so… [Read More]

Bonnie Marcus Tri-Fold Shoes Notebook Review

I love stationary. It doesn’t matter if it’s a notebook, pen, diary or folder, chances are I will love it. I don’t know what it is about opening up a new, fresh page of a notebook that I find satisfying but I love it! When I was in school and I was coming to the end of my school book, I would deliberately rip out the last few pages, just so I could have a new one quicker! When I was asked recently to review some of the new range of stationary available by Bonnie Marcus I was thrilled. Bonnie Marcus, a busy… [Read More]

Vicky's IVF Story

Hubby and I got married in 2008. A year later we were having the conversation about trying for a baby. Well,  maybe I was having the conversation and hubby was just nodding politely! Anyway I decided we’d start trying for a baby in 2010. I’d just turned 31 and thought it was a near perfect time, I was in a good position at work again so we were ready. We tried for over a year and experienced the monthly hope that my period wouldn’t come and I’d get that positive pregnancy test, but nothing happened. I got to the point… [Read More]

IVF: Frequently Asked Questions

Our embryos When Twin Daddy and I first started discussing IVF, as well as the initial mixed emotions we found ourselves wanting to know more about the whole process. We felt excited about the prospect of our treatment working, but also scared and anxious in case it didn’t work. I found a brilliant forum online which helped us through our treatment. The other members were at hand to offer support, advice and information. I have gone through my posts on the forum from when we started our IVF journey and I have written down all the questions that I had asked in… [Read More]

B's Egg Sharing IVF Journey: Part 5

To read B’s last post, please click here. Match maker match maker find me a match. So my last post ended with us waiting to be matched. I received a phone call from the clinic to tell me they were sending my details to a possible recipient that day and I just had to wait for them to get back and ok me. I waited a few days and I received another phone call. This time from my egg share nurse asking me about my current job role, my education and my qualifications. I won’t lie, I found this quite hurtful…. [Read More]

Nicola’s IVF Journey. Part 1.

Please welcome Nicola to our blog. Nicola has very kindly agreed to share her IVF Journey with us. This is her first post where Nicola shares her IVF journey so far. Please feel free to share your comments. So, like many others out there I’m on the dreaded (but exciting) journey of IVF. I must admit that before starting on my cycle I went through a whole range of emotions-resentment towards people who fall pregnant naturally, constant disappointment every month when the inevitable period comes, confusion as to why I can’t seem to fall pregnant and a whole host of… [Read More]

Embryo Transfer

The Joy of Pessaries As many of you know, after egg collection, you face the joy of pessaries and the ever embarrassing back door or front door debate! To be honest, the thought of either ‘door’ sends a shudder down my spine, but without giving it too much thought, I settled for the front door! The pessaries (cyclogest) contains progesterone, which is a female sex hormone. It is essential to help establish a pregnancy after IVF.  Following egg collection, I was in a bit of pain, feeling bloated and just not myself. So, when the joy of diarrhea was added… [Read More]

Egg Collection

Pineapple Juice Before I continue with this post, I should mention that two days before egg collection, I started to drink one small glass of (not from concentrate) pineapple juice a day. Apparently, pineapple juice contains an antioxidant called Selenium which helps to promote a healthy womb lining, which is thought to help aid implantation. Saturday, July 16th 2011. Trigger (HCG) Shot HCG is the pregnancy hormone. The trigger shot helps the follicles to mature and triggers the release of mature eggs from the follicles. The day after the HCG injection is a ‘drug free’ day. This means no injections! No Suprecur,… [Read More]