Circus Vegas Review

The Greatest Showman has a lot to answer to! Ever since our six year old twin girls, my husband and I watched this movie for the first time, we’ve all become a bit obsessed with the circus! We’ve watched The Greatest Showman numerous times. So much so that our girls know most of the words to all of the songs! They’re also on my running playlist! It’s a great soundtrack to run to! Anyway, a few weeks ago I went into my local pharmacy where they had flyers for Circus Vegas offering half price tickets. The same day that I… [Read More]

CBeebies Live! Justin and Friends: Mr Tumbles Circus Review

Justin Fletcher has to be one of the best children’s entertainers of our time. His range of characters such as Mr Tumble, Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble are funny, engaging and I’m pretty sure every child loves them! I bought our tickets last year and although it’s been a long wait, it was definitely worth it! The show started with Arthur Sleep coming up on the screen with a ‘newsflash’ to let people know the show would start soon. The characters, Andy, Kat, Gem and Robert the Robot all came onto stage followed by Justin.  Whilst everyone is getting ready… [Read More]