Review: Playmobil Children’s Playground

When I look back at my childhood, I always have this one memory of my sister and I playing with a children’s playground set. I can’t remember what make it was, but I do remember we had so much fun playing with it. Quite often when my girls and I go shopping they like to look at the toys, and Playmobil is one brand they’re always drawn towards. We’ve never owned any Playmobil toys before so when Smyths Toys kindly sent us a Playmobil Children’s Playground to review I was keen to see what it was like, as were our twin… [Read More]

Tips for hosting your child’s birthday at home

Our twin girls will be six years old next month, and they’ve asked to have a birthday party at home this year. As daunting as this sounds, I’m actually really keen on this idea. However I’m more than aware that I’ll need to organised and put a few rules in place. For example certain rooms will be off limits and I’ll definitely have to empty our living room of valuables and toys that we don’t want broken or to go missing. There are many benefits of having a children’s birthday party at home. For starters, it won’t cost the earth… [Read More]

Aspace, Inspirational Rooms for Children are Back in Business!

Aspace Charterhouse Bunk Bed

Aspace is an online shop that offers children’s bedroom furniture and mattresses as well as bedding and accessories. I’m a big fan of Aspace and when they ceased trading back February of this year, I was pretty sad about it. However, they’re now back in business and have been since June 16! Yay! I’m so pleased that they’re back in business as I truly love their range of furniture! I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful people over at Aspace back in November 2015 when I reviewed their Fairford Wardrobe, and again in March 2016 when I… [Read More]

There's nothing wrong with a paranoid mum!

Why is being thought of as a paranoid mum a bad thing? I’m not always paranoid, but ever since M was in hospital with a severe infection I’ve been more aware and more on the ball when it comes to our girls being ill. I guess it’s only natural for me to feel like this. M was so very poorly and it was very scary. I kept telling myself that if only I’d gone to the doctors sooner or gone to the hospital sooner, M would never have gone downhill as quickly as she had. I feel as though I… [Read More]

KidzInMind App Review – Managing children’s safety online

Do you worry about what apps your children have access too online? Then KidzInMind is for you! Available to download on iOS and Android, KidzInMind offers parents peace of mind by allowing their children children access to age appropriate and approved apps with no adverts or hidden payments and parental device control tools. In today’s world children are increasingly becoming experts in using tablets and mobile phones to play games, watch videos and chat with their friends. Ensuring that your child is safe whilst using these devices can often be tricky for parents. The KidzInMind app has been developed by… [Read More]

Get the kids ready for school with Pisamonas!

Pisamonas is a brand that I’ve written about previously. They’re an online children’s shoe store, but they also sell a variety of women’s shoes as well. They specialise in high quality shoes at the best prices you can find! I’ve also been lucky enough to have the pleasure of reviewing some of their shoes and I have to say that they’re a brand I trust and love! The shoes are always well made, comfortable and fashionable. I know this because I own a fabulous pair of their sandals and so do my twins! Not only that, but the prices are always pretty… [Read More]

Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Charity Campaign

Dettol have recently launched a new charity campaign called The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Campaign. With the help of Rachel Stevens, celebrity mum of two and new ambassador of Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser, the Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Campaign was launched to promote the dangers of bacteria on blankets and highlight the shortage of baby blankets available to infants born to disadvantaged families. When you think about how much time your baby spends wrapped in a blanket or laying on a blanket, it’s always best to ensure that they’re as clean as can be. Dettol and Rachel are encouraging mums… [Read More]

House of Fraser Children's Clothes Review

For many people dressing twins the same is seen as cute, quirky and adorable. I don’t disagree with this, but for me I’d rather embrace our twins individuality. That’s not to say that they won’t be caught wearing the same cardigan or the same jeans though, but they will have different tops! House of Fraser recently contacted me about reviewing some of their beautiful children’s clothes. I chose a dress each, a pair of shoes each and a headband each. Although the shoes and headbands are matching – to save arguments over who gets which one – I chose two… [Read More]

Charity Update

The last charity update I published was on the 11th of November. I thought I would post another little update now to let you all know how our fundraising efforts are going. If you don’t already know, Twin Daddy and I are trying to raise £2,000 for Cancer Research UK and another £2,000 for Bliss, the baby charity.  Both charities are very close to our hearts. In 2005, after a brave and long battle with ovarian cancer my mum passed away.  In 2012 our beautiful twin daughters were born six weeks early and spent 27 days in neonatal care.  For… [Read More]