50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4

When I look back at my childhood, I do so with many fond memories. When I wasn’t in school, I was usually outdoors with my friends. Walking, riding bikes, playing and generally having what is now know as ‘old fashioned’ fun. The majority of my childhood was spent outdoors and I firmly believe that this is how childhood should be. Whilst I think my husband and I are in the minority because our children do not have iPads and rarely using technology, they do however, spend a lot of time watching TV. This summer, I’m keen to change this and… [Read More]

Children can’t walk to school alone any more. What world do we live in?

I find it such a sad state of affairs that the world we live in appears to be restricting our children more than ever before. Last week I read an article online about our local area which stated that a ‘suspicious man in a car’ had been seen driving around two local schools. The police suspected a possible ‘child snatching plan’ and all schools in the area urged parents to make arrangements for their children to be picked up from school, instead of allowing them to walk home alone. Of course, my girls are only five, so they’re nowhere near… [Read More]

The childhood of our past

How old are your children? What do they do in their spare time? Our girls are five years old and I’m pleased to say the majority of their time is spent playing games and being creative. I’ve often read that modern parents are too focused on keeping their children busy and worrying about them getting bored, so much so that we don’t allow time to get bored. Of course boredom can be a great thing as it means children can invent new games and come up with their own ways of entertaining themselves. All of this being great for their… [Read More]

Stand Up for Girls: The Good Childhood Report

I’m a mum to twin girls who are five years old. Their happiness and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to me, so when I recently read the findings of The Good Childhood Report which has been carried out by The Children’s Society I was both concerned and saddened. More than a quarter of a million girls aged 10-15 across the country are not happy with their lives overall; one in seven of all girls in that age group. Whilst boys’ wellbeing is staying the same, girls is getting worse. Does this statistic surprise me? If I’m being totally honest,… [Read More]

How Christmas has changed since I was a kid


Looking at the Christmases from when I was a child and comparing them to the Christmases that my children are experiencing, I’m amazed at how much has changed. When I was little I remember my parents taking my sister and I to Santa’s grotto. This would usually involve standing in a pretty long queue with lots of other parents and their children. Children would take it in turns to go in and see Santa with their mums and dads. They’d usually be given a present by Santa himself or by one of his elves, and this would be done in… [Read More]

My Heart is breaking. It’s tough being four 

Twins cuddling

I’ve just sat down after lying in bed with R.  She’s fast asleep now. Hopefully dreaming of all the things she loves. Half an hour ago though it was a completely different story. She was really upset. Crying. Inconsolable.  My words had no effect.  All I could do was hold her in my arms. Shush gently and tell her that I was here. Right next to her and that I wasn’t going anywhere. It’s come totally out of the the blue and I’m putting it down to tiredness.  God, I really hope it is just tiredness and not the start… [Read More]

How will your children remember their childhood?

Childhood is a funny thing isn’t it. I mean you have no responsibilities, you don’t have to worry about paying bills or what to cook for tea, plus you’ve got your mum and dad to do pretty much everything for you. I often wonder what it’d be like to be a child growing up in today’s world as I believe it’s so very different to the world that I grew up in.   My memories of childhood mainly consist of playing in the garden with my sister, going out with my friends to the park or their houses and asking… [Read More]

Are you raising your kids the same way you were raised?

I don’t think many people decide how to raise their children before they’re actually born. I’m sure everyone will have their idea’s, aspirations and dreams of what they want for their children, but until they’re born and maybe not even until they’re a few years old the thought of how to raise your children may not enter your mind. The first few weeks and months are all about survival. Making sure your baby is fed and that they sleep. In addition to this making sure that you’re fed and that you get to sleep too! Just when you think you’ve… [Read More]

Back to basics – Writing freely again

I’m quite a reflective person in private. I think about things a lot. Things that probably don’t matter anymore, but still have a bearing on my life. Many people probably wouldn’t think about these things. The past is the past and all that. To some extent I agree, but there are certain elements of my past that I can’t forget. Before I go into more detail, I feel like I need to take a moment to tell you a few things. When I started blogging back in June 2012, I did so anonymously. This was for a number of reasons,… [Read More]

How will your children remember you?

I remember my child hood in many different ways. I have some quite specific memories and other memories which are hazy. The main thing I do remember about my childhood is that it was a happy one for the majority. I grew up in a nice area, in a lovely house with a beautiful garden. We lived opposite our school, on the same road as the shops in our little village and the park was just around the corner. We had an apple tree in the back garden which my sister and I would climb every summer. A large garage… [Read More]