My Fairy Garden Watering Can Review

Fairy watering can

Back in 2015, our twin girls helped me to make a fairy garden. Ever since then, the fairies have been quite clever in leaving surprises and gifts out for our girls when they’ve been good. It happens without warning. Usually when I’m on my way to pick the girls up from school. Whilst I’m out the fairies might make the girls their tea and have it ready on the table for them when they come home. Other times they’ve left little gifts like small jars of fairy dust or perhaps a new reading book, but this time they really have… [Read More]

Can you Guess? Game Review by Orchard Toys

Children love to play games.  Hide and Seek is a firm favourite in our house, even though the way in which our girls play it is pretty funny. The hiding place is always the same!   R and M will hide behind the curtains. I’m not allowed to start counting until they’re hidden and then when I find them I have to take one of their places whilst they count. It’s pretty funny watching them pretend to look in cupboards and under things to find us, when they really know where we are! Kids imaginations are wonderful aren’t they! Another… [Read More]

How Technology Can Benefit Your Children

Kids are captivated by technology. As soon as they see a screen, their eyes light up and they are transfixed. As a parent, you might feel guilty about letting your little ones spend time playing with phones, tablets or games consoles. Of course, too much technology can be bad for tots. Kids also need to spend time playing outside and engaging in other activities. However, you shouldn’t worry about letting your children explore a range of electronic games and apps as part of a varied routine. Youngsters can develop an array of important life skills with the help of this technology…. [Read More]

Roller Banners Can Help Promote Your Business

Starting any business can be tough. Trying to promote it and get the word out about what your business has to offer its customers can be even more tough. There are a range of different advertising options available to businesses, but one of the most effective options are roller banners. If you’re not familiar with roller banners, they’re really a simple, yet compelling advertising solution.  Roller Banners are free-standing advertising graphics which can be rolled up for storage. Their portability means that they can be taken anywhere from trade shows to exhibitions and shops, to school fairs and conferences. They’re… [Read More]