Luv My Blankee Review

Most children have a comfort item. It may be a toy, a blanket or a pair of daddy’s short as is the case in our home! Either way having an item such as a blanket for your child can help your little one feel safe, confident and secure. R has a blanket that she takes everywhere with her. It was her special care blanket. She sleeps with it, cuddles it and plays with it. M has a special care blanket too, but she’s no longer attached to hers as daddy’s shorts are now her item of choice!  It all started… [Read More]

Help us help Bliss and CRUK

Last year my husband and I started our very own charity campaign. Our aim is to raise £1,000 for Cancer Research UK and £1,000 for Bliss, the baby charity. We’re so pleased that so far we have raised a total of £701.00. As well as asking friends, family and complete strangers to donate to these two great charities, we also organised a charity raffle and a children’s Christmas Party. Both were a huge success and helped to raise lots of money. So now we are back! We will be skydiving for these two amazing charities – hopefully this year! We… [Read More]

The Twins are Born (Video Special)

Following on from our Pregnancy Diary Video post yesterday, here is a very special video from February 2012. This video shows us the night before our twins are born. We also share with you our twins very first moments. Stay tuned as we will be sharing some of our special care videos with you very soon. The reason we are sharing these videos with you is to help give you an insight into the special care unit and all that it entails. We hope it will help those who are going through the same.

Before You Were Born Meme

Marrakech Do you remember what life was like before you had children? I was browsing through some photos the other day of our life before our daughters were born and it brought back many wonderful memories! I thought I would start a meme for all of us Mummy and Daddy’s so that we can remember the people we all were before our children were born. Sometimes I think we forget that as well as being a Mummy or Daddy we’re also ourselves. I’ve written a number of questions that I’ll be answering about what life was like before our daughters… [Read More]