Baby Number Three? Feeling Broody!

It’s no secret that my husband and I had IVF to start our family. We were very lucky that it was successful on our first attempt and we had twin girls, who are now three and a half years old. We were also very lucky that we have seven embryos frozen. We’ve renewed them each year because we can’t bring ourselves to let them perish and also because we’ve been unsure about whether or not we want more children. Well recently I have been very broody! Two of my friends gave birth within a week of each other and after… [Read More]

Getting back into work after having children

Looking after children can be a job in itself. You put in all the hours under the sun, you’re always on call and you don’t get paid for it. Yet it’s one of the most rewarding jobs around. As children get older and begin nursery school many mums who have previously stayed at home looking after their children often start to contemplate how they’re going to get back into work. Employers will often chose someone who has recently been employed or is currently employed over someone who has been a stay at home mum for the past few years.  For… [Read More]

Looking after your children’s teeth

Teaching children to brush their teeth can sometimes feel like trying to get blood out of a stone. Words of encouragement and leading by example are good ways to help motivate children, but what else can you do to help children understand the importance of looking after their teeth? When I was growing up I’ll openly admit that I didn’t brush my teeth everyday. I don’t know why, I guess it was just a teenage thing? Nowadays I brush my teeth everyday and I would never dream of not doing so! I have had some teeth whitening done as… [Read More]

Looking after your child’s future

Everyone knows that having children is expensive. From the moment they’re born – actually, from the moment you discover you’re pregnant the costs start to add up! Nappies, furniture, clothes, bottles, bedding and everything else that comes with having a baby!  Did you know that the average cost to raise a child from birth to the age of 21 is £218,000! That’s a lot of money!  With that in mind you may now be asking yourself how you can invest for your child’s future and why you might want to consider putting some money aside for them.  For me, I… [Read More]

How To Get Your Confidence Back After Giving Birth

Image courtesy of Marcus/ Having a baby is a major life event. Life as you know it will never be the same again! A good night’s sleep is a thing of the past as is trying to get a moment alone and getting ready to go out will take you twice as long as usual. You may even struggle to leave your home for the first few weeks, even months and although baby groups are a great place to meet other mums, socialise and ask for advice, trying to gain the confidence to go  can be harder than you ever… [Read More]

Looking after yourself after a c-section

Photo courtesy of Lynsey @LynseyTwinMum I knew from quite early on that I was going to be having a c-section to deliver our babies. One of my main concerns was about the recovery. Would I be able to stand up? Would I be able to walk? How long would the pain last? A week before my c-section our consultant booked me onto a physiotherapy course aimed at providing expectant mums with useful information on how to aid recovery. I found it really interesting and useful. After the birth of our twins, I found the recovery much easier than I thought… [Read More]