On the go sandwich wrap review #GIFTED

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post called Simple Swaps for a Zero Waste Life. In that blog post I shared simple every day swaps that anyone can make in order to reduce the amount of single use plastics we use.

I touched upon lots of great swaps such as swapping paper kitchen towels for reusable bamboo kitchen towels, swapping plastic bottles of shampoo for package free shampoo bars and using food wraps instead of sandwich bags, cling film or foil.

All of these, along with the other swaps mentioned in that blog post, are great eco-friendly things you can do to save money, save the environment and reduce your plastic usage.

One of the main products that I was really curious about was beeswax food wraps. This is because my children used to have their sandwiches for school inside a plastic sandwich bag. We’d go through ten of these plastic bags every week, and that number really bothered me.

The beeswax food wraps work really well, but I have since discovered another brilliant thing you can use instead.

I was recently sent two sandwich wraps from OnTheGoDesign to try out.

OnTheGoDesign was started by Sarah-Kate. Sarah-Kate says that she’s always loved sewing, knitting and other crafty activities. She says that once all of her children were at school, people began, in earnest, to say “what are you going to do all day?”

Sarah-Kate started to think about how she could make “what she does all day” actually be something that supported her choice as a family for her to be around during the holidays and after school.  For a couple of years Sarah-Kate made lots of different gifts and accessories, gradually perfecting patterns, falling in love with beautiful fabric and establishing what she liked making best. It turns out that what she does like making best are accessories that fit in with her other passions: the outdoors and looking after our planet. That’s when OnTheGoDesign was born.

Sarah-Kates’ aim is to help you do your bit in getting out and about, saving the planet and looking stylish all in one go! She makes sandwich wraps and water bottle carriers.  At the moment all of her products are available in her Etsy shop.

The sandwich wraps are available in a few different designs. I was sent one in rainbow batik on black, and one with a blue umbrella design.

They cost just £5 each which I think it a great price. They have a ripstop nylon wipe clean surface which makes cleaning them easy. You can simply wipe them, but they can also be washed on a cool wash and line dried.

The ripstop nylon is a food safe, water resistant fabric made using a reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. This is great news for kids who are quick and eager to get into their lunch as parents can rest easy knowing that these sandwich wraps are durable and tough!

To use them you simply place your sandwich or wrap in the middle, fold up the sides and close with the hook and loop fastening. Due to the flexibility, most sizes and shapes of sandwiches can be accommodated.

The great news is that with these sandwich wraps there will be no need to buy plastic bags or cling film ever again!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the sandwich wraps, as are my seven year old twins. They’re durable, easy to clean, reusable and they look good too!

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13 thoughts on “On the go sandwich wrap review #GIFTED

  1. Interesting product. How air tight are they? If you put something in a sandwich like onion, do these wraps stope the odour permeating everything else in your bag or sandwich box? Also, do they keep the sandwich fresh? If I make a sandwich in a morning I’d like to think that it wouldn’t have started to dry out by lunchtime.

  2. These are brilliant and something I would definitely use. Considering all the cling film I use on sandwiches, making the switch to these would soon pay for itself.

  3. What a great way to use your free time, Sarah Kate has my admiration. The sandwich wraps look very nice, and I’m sure kids would love them. I will have to pop along to Etsy to see what else Sarah Kate has to offer.

  4. I love the idea behind these, although I would be a little worried they weren’t air tight enough to keep the sandwich fresh. My favourite one is the umbrella design, it’s really cute.

  5. I loved your last post Emily and it inspired me to get some bamboo toothbrushes and cotton cloths for makeup removal….both of which have been great swaps! I have also bought some shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush but we’re not entirely sure about those although it’s early days! Love these posts. #thatfridaylinky

  6. We have several of these type of sandwich holders and treat bags. I dread plastic and waste of all kinds and I am so happy to see you and other bloggers embrace zero waste! We have too. There is no more space for rubbish! #thatfridaylinky xxoxx

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