Getting the family outdoors

This summer my husband and I have decided that we’d like to try and make a really big effort to spend more time outdoors as a family.

There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors such as better mental health and reduced stress levels.

We have so many ideas as to how we can encourage the whole family outdoors.

The first thing we’re doing is ditching the car on the school run when we can and walking instead.

Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

Naturally this is better for the environment for lots of different reasons, but it’s also better for us. It means we get a bit more exercise and fresh air. Sadly we can’t always walk to school, if for example, we have work then we do have to take the car so we can then drive to straight to work, but if the weather is good we can always walk home from school. This means we can also stop off at the park on the way home too!

Another thing we’re going to do is spend more time in our garden. With the warmer weather approaching this is going to get easier. We’re lucky that we have a nice garden we can spend time in. However, in the winter months we don’t tend to spend much time in it which is a shame. Even if it’s a dry day, we tend to stay inside in the warmth of our home so we’re trying to change this by wrapping up warm with hats, coats and gloves and embracing the outdoors!

Of course in the summer we can do more things to entice the family around. For example we love to have a barbecue and have found that’s always a great way to get the family round and enjoying the great outdoors. I happened to find a really good barbecue on LionsHome.

Another thing we’re trying to do is go for more walks. We tend to get stuck in a rut on occasion and do the same things each weekend such as stay indoors, watch a film, make crafts, play games etc. Of course these are all great activities, but perhaps they’re best saved for a rainy day. When it’s a dry day, or even a rainy one come to that you could just don a pair of wellies and go puddle jumping! On the dry days a walk to your local park or perhaps a bit further afield. We’ve also looked into Geocaching which is another great way to get outdoors.

LionsHome have some great items to encourage children outdoors such as play tents.

Finally, our last activity is camping! It’s something I have fond memories of from when I was a child, but I’ve never actually taken my own children camping. Even my husband has never been camping so it’s definitely something we’re all looking forward to in the summer months. Of course, I’ll need to do lots of research into tents, sleeping bags and everything else we’re going to need! If you have any tips, let me know in the comments below!

This post was written in collaboration with LionsHome.

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