Festive Fun at Mecca Bingo #AD

On Friday night my sister and I were kindly invited to Mecca Bingo in Swansea to enjoy a night of festive bingo.

The last time we went was back in May when we went along for their Bonkers Bingo night. You can read all about that here. On our last visit we were given our books and dabbers to mark off our numbers. This time, however, we were given the option to use an electronic board, and I have to say they’re amazing!

Fans of the traditional book and dabber pen need not worry as you can still use these if you prefer.

I, however, would opt for the electronic board every time! Like a tablet, the electronic board gives you an ‘auto dab’ option. This means you can relax and let the board do all the ‘dabbing’ for you. As the numbers are called out, your ticket is automatically dabbed.

If you win a line or full house etc, you simply press the ‘claim’ button in the bottom left hand corner and shout ‘line’ or ‘house’ or ‘yeah’ etc! Your win is then credited to your membership card and displayed on your electronic board.

At the end of the night, you simply take your membership card to the cash desk to cash out your winnings.

My cash balance is displayed in the top right hand corner

The auto-dab feature really was great, especially if you’re like me and struggle at times to keep up with dabbing the numbers quickly! You can also turn the auto dab feature off so that you can dab the numbers on screen yourself if you prefer.

The staff at Mecca Bingo were all very friendly and welcoming. They took the time to explain how the electronic boards worked, as well as the games on our table in the interval.

My sister and I also had some food. I opted for nachos, and my sister chose ham, eggs and chips. I liked that I could sit back, relax and eat my meal whilst letting the auto dab feature mark my numbers off!

We played seven sessions altogether, and I managed to win £15! It’s the first time I’ve ever won! We also had a go on the cash line interval games in between the main bingo games.

We didn’t win on these, but we did win on the slot machine after too. My sister won £6, and I won £4, bringing our total win for the night up to £25!

The first session started at 6.30pm, followed by the main session at 7pm, then American ticket at 7.30pm, Seasonal game at 8pm which was indeed festive in the shape of a Christmas tree, followed by the national game at 8.30pm, then the last session at 9.15pm. We also stayed for the twilight session at 9.45pm.

Overall, my sister and I had a great time at Mecca Bingo. We really enjoyed playing all of the games, which was made even more fun with the addition of the electronic boards and we were very pleased to have taken home £25 in winnings! Thanks Mecca Bingo!

For the purpose of this review I was compensated for my time and provided with free bingo, entry, food and drink. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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