The Easy way to give your kids bedroom a quick makeover!

Wall stickers

Creating a bedroom that is truly unique to your child can take a lot of thought, time and effort. As your child grows, their likes and dislikes change, which can often mean the theme your child once had for their bedroom is no longer fitting with both their age and their likes.

When I was growing up I asked my parents if they could paint my bedroom green and if they could paint a cactus on the wall. In fairness to them, they took my random request and carried it out for me. I had lovely lime green walls and a stencilled cactus on it! Of course, by the time I hit my teens I didn’t want a lime green bedroom anymore and I asked my parents if they could repaint it for me. Thankfully, they didn’t mind, but it was an expensive task!

I’ve learnt from my own experiences and have found that for us, the best thing to do is to keep our twin girls bedroom a neutral colour and opt for wall stickers.

If we were to paint it I just don’t think we’d find a colour that they’d both like. Either that or we’d end up painting half of the room blue and the other half pink!

By using wall stickers we can have the best of both worlds. R can have the stickers that she likes, and M can have the stickers that she likes on her side of the room.

As they grow, we can simply peel the stickers off and invest in some new ones. Great idea, right?! I bet my parents wish they did this in hindsight!

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the wall stickers that our girls like. All of these kids wall stickers are available from Tenstickers online.

Wall stickers

I absolutely love the Lego wall sticker and the clouds! R loves the star wars one. Even though she’s never seen star wars, she’s really into it at the moment! M loves the clouds as well and the bunny rabbits!

Which one is your favourite?

3 thoughts on “The Easy way to give your kids bedroom a quick makeover!

  1. I absolutely love the tree with the animals for a nursery and the lego one would be a hit for Reuben’s room. We used stickers in the nursery and then peeled them off when he became older. We didn’t really have a lot of choice as some started to lift and then he peeled them off more, ripping them as he went. Oops.

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