Disneyland Paris Trip Report Day 4

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So day 4 is our last day in Disney. Sad times!

We knew we had to make the most of our last day, so we crammed in as much as we could and that also meant watching the castle illuminations show one last time.

On the morning of our last day, we had breakfast in inventions in our hotel (the Disney Hotel) and then we headed straight over to Frontierland as R was desperate to meet Peter Pan. When we arrived we were second in the queue.

I noticed that the sign said ‘Peter Pan or friends’. I really hoped it was Peter Pan!

Hubby in his grumpy onesie!

After waiting around half an hour, Mr Smee turned up. R’s little face just dropped. We still went up and met Mr Smee. He signed the girls autograph books and interacted so well with them both. He took R’s hat off her head and put it on M’s, which the girls thought was funny.

I asked one of the CM’s (cast members) if Peter Pan was doing any meet and greets. I was told he’d be there at 12.15. We decided to re-join the back of the queue and wait for Peter Pan.

M was already dressed as Tinkerbell, but R decided that she wanted her Peter Pan costume, so my husband, Nige, made the short trip back to the Disneyland Hotel (perks of staying in this hotel – it’s close!) and soon returned with her Peter Pan costume.

12.15 rolled around pretty quick and before we knew it Peter Pan made his appearance accompanied by Wendy Darling, who M just fell in love with! Thankfully, by the time they arrived, we’d got back to the front of the queue.

R and M went up to meet Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. R immediately went to Peter Pan and M to Wendy Darling.

This moment was my favourite of the whole holiday. Watching the girls faces light up with huge smiles spread across their faces was purely magical. It’s a moment that I know I’ll never forget. Two little girls meeting their idols!

Peter Pan knelt down and talked to R. He told her how to find Neverland and called her ‘R Peter Pan’ which she absolutely loved!

Wendy Darling also knelt down and talked to M. M gave her lots of kisses and cuddles!

Then it was time for them both to sign their autograph books and have pictures taken.

After meeting Peter Pan and Wendy Darling we made our way to the Silver Spur Steakhouse, but we weren’t sure if they’d let us in, as we were 30 minutes late for our reservation by the time we arrived.

Thankfully they didn’t seem bothered at all and we were soon seated.

Much to our disappointment though, this was the worst place we’d eaten in Disney, both in terms of service and food. The poor waitress serving our table was clearly under a lot of pressure to serve the many tables she was in charge of. As such we waited an hour just for our starters. Then we had another long wait for our mains and desserts.

We did complain and were offered free drinks, but we spent a total of two and a half hours here. It was such a waste of time, but we felt that we needed to stay because we’d paid for it. The food was very average. I wouldn’t eat here again.

We then went around some shops and did some last minute shopping before heading back to the Disneyland Hotel to make use of the swimming pool.

The hotel provided free arm bands and towels which was great as I’d completely forgotten to pack armbands!

The swimming pool is in the glass building

The swimming pool in the Disneyland Hotel is fairly small, and very cold, but the adjoining jacuzzi was very warm and children were allowed in it, so this is where we ended up!

There was just enough room for the girls to swim around it!

We then returned to our hotel room so the girls could have a nap and then we headed to Walts for dinner. Walts is my second favourite restaurant (Chey Remy is my favourite). The service was amazing, as was the food.

Walts is beautifully decorated and really felt like a luxurious place to eat.

We were given our menus to chose from. R really wanted chocolate cake so we agreed to buy one as my dessert. It was from a different menu so we had to pay extra for it – €16 to be precise! It was expensive, but it was worth every penny!


After Walts we headed into the park and went on some rides before finding a space in front of the castle to watch the illuminations.

Unlike the first time we saw illuminations, everyone remained sat on the floor which mean we had an amazing view of the castle.

It was the most perfect way to end our holiday!

We returned to our hotel room around midnight and whilst the kids slept, hubby and I frantically packed! I don’t why we left it so late as we were being picked up at 9am the following morning to return to the airport!

I have to say that Disneyland Paris was the most amazing holiday I’ve ever been on. The memories we’ve made will stay with me forever.

I can’t wait to go back next year!

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