Creating a pet friendly garden

Pets are such a big part of our lives. When I was a child we had many different pets at one time or another.

My favourite was our pet cat, Jessie. She was a long haired black cat that I absolutely adored. I have one very fond memory her. I was desperate for her to stay in my bedroom at night time so I could cuddle her so I snuck her into my bed when I went to my room and placed her on top of my duvet.

My parents didn’t know this and I daren’t not tell them as they didn’t like Jessie going in our bedrooms. Sadly she didn’t want to stay and cuddle me all night so I had to sneak her back downstairs again!

When I moved into my own place, my husband and I decided to get a cat. We actually ended up getting two from the same litter and they were just adorable. We called them Dragon and Fable (Fable was after the Xbox game as I was obsessed with it at the time!). Fable was a super sweet friendly cat who, given the chance, probably would have loved to cuddle up to me all night! I’m not sure my husband would have approved though!

Sadly the flat that we lived in when we had the cats didn’t come with a garden, but now that we do have a garden I’ve been thinking of ways that we can create a pet friendly garden.

Artificial grass is a good choice for pet lovers. Aside from having a great looking garden all year round, artificial grass also offers pet owners peace of mind that their pets won’t eat something they shouldn’t. Many lawns have pesticides and weedkiller on them which is dangerous for your pet. Another benefit of having artificial grass is that dogs in particular won’t be able to dig it up! It’s also really easy to care for and clean.

One of the most important things to think about when creating a pet friendly garden is security. You’ll want to ensure that your pet is safe and that they can’t escape. A good, strong fence will help to keep your pet safe. You should check the fence regularly to ensure there are no holes or gaps that your pet could squeeze out through.

Shade on sunny days is also an important factor. There are many different ways you can create shade for your pet. From a simple sun umbrella to large trees and canopies.

These are just a few ideas of how you can create your very own pet friendly garden.

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