Best Travel Destinations With Kids

Traveling with kids can make a vacation go from serene to stressful within seconds. From not having enough to do to keep your kids busy, to overstimulation, problems could arise quickly on even the most well planned vacation. Especially as parents, we want all of our travel experiences with our families to be fun and educational, but how do we get the perfect balance? First off, check out Authority Reports to help find ways to stay stress free. Then, read about these wonderful destinations that will help to provide the ultimate, brain stimulating vacation to keep your kids entertained for days on end.

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels

Sesame Place, Pennsylvania, USA

For our younger readers, seeing their favorite TV show come to life could be beyond exciting. Sesame Place offers a great atmosphere for kids around ages 2-5. Part waterpark, part amusement park, this offers everything your family needs. You can walk around and meet your favorite characters from Sesame Street while engaging in fun, hands on learning in the Sesame Neighborhood. With rides good for all ages, your slightly older kids will have fun too!

Orlando, Florida, USA

While the main attractions in Orlando revolve around amusement parks in Florida, it is easy to find ways to connect this vacation both to fun and education. At Universal Studios, they recently opened up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to entertain your book worms. You could help your child set a goal to read all 7 book and then offer this trip as a great reward! While there are movies to help bring the movies alive, being able to step right into the wizarding world will allow your young reader to join right in with the magic. If amusement parks aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other great activities all within an hour drive!

Kennedy Space Station is located the farthest from Orlando, but will offer your young explorers a look into space travel. Also near a beach, this could be a great day outing to have some fun learning in the morning followed by a fun beach filled afternoon. Closer to the center of the city there is both the Crayola Experience and WonderWorks. Young artists would love to enhance their creativity at the Crayola Experience, full of activity labs, puzzle areas, and event the world’s largest crayon! WonderWorks is a great museum that is held in a building flipped upside down! With over 100 hand-on exhibits, this place will keep your adventurers entertained all day long.


For a little more of a spendy vacation, Italy is the ultimate destination for fun and learning. We’ve all learned about Roman culture or the Pompeii volcanic explosion in school, so why not go to the actual sites and explore them! You will literally be stepping into history as you stroll the Roman Forum or storm the Colosseum. Exploring Pompeii and being able to see what the town looked like, and even see some of the citizens still cast in lava will wow even your eyes! For fun, a new gladiator school just opened in Rome to teach your family what it was like to live hundreds of years ago! With tons of great food to match all of the touring, you can finish a long learning day with a pizza making dinner and some authentic gelato for dessert! Also, plane fares are extremely cheap in Europe. Once there, you could fly from Naples in the south to Milan in the north for around $20 per person, allowing you to truly experience the entire country!

Final Thoughts

Family vacations can be difficult and stressful to plan. But, if you have a goal in mind, you can pack both fun relaxation and education experiences into your short stay. Checking out these destinations could help to offer your family great bonding experiences. Working together to achieve goals, like reading an entire book series, or saving to afford a grand European vacation will help bring the family together even before you step foot into an airport. While your kid may not jump on board for an educational trip, disguising that learning through fun will open their eyes to new cultures and new experiences.

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