An Elf for Christmas Review


Christmas is such a magical time of year, even more so if you have children. Watching them writing their letter to Santa, visiting his grotto before the big day and then having the pleasure of watching them opening their presents on Christmas morning, it just so enchanting!

Over the past few years we’ve made up some of our own Christmas traditions and also kept some old ones in the family too. This year we’ll have a new one, and that’s because we’ll be having two very special ‘people’ spending some time with us.


Yes, that’s right! Two super cute little elves will arrive on our doorstep on December 1st and they’ll be keeping an eye on us to make sure we’re being good.

An Elf for Christmas

They’ll be reporting back to Santa on a regular basis, but they’ll also reward us and perhaps get up to some mischief themselves too!

These Elves are available online from Elf for Christmas. You can choose either a boy or a girl, plus you have the option of buying the book, Elf’s First Adventure too.

An Elf for Christmas

Elf for Christmas is a magical toy and reward kit. It’s perfect for both boys and girls aged two and over. The aim is to promote good behaviour and family engagement. The Christmas reward kit, which is what we were sent, is a unique package to help bring the excitement of Elf to life.

Inside this kit you’ll find:

An arrival letter from Santa explaining Elf’s role in your home

A reward chart & stickers

An Elf for Christmas

Mini Report Cards & Certificates that can be used to promote kindness & good behaviour.

Beware of the Elf signs for your door

An Elf for Christmas

Thank You postcard

To round off the magic in January, there is also a Letter to Santa Claus template, ready to post your letters off to the big man himself

A goodbye letter for when it’s time for Elf to go back to the North Pole

An Elf for Christmas

I really like the way the packaging looks. It’s festive and I like that you can see the elves peeking out! The way in which I’m going to use the elves will mean that our girls won’t see the packaging, but I don’t think that matters too much!

I’m pretty much going to leave the elves with their arrival letters in the girls bedroom so that when they wake on December 1st they’ll see them when they wake! I’ve never done anything like this before with our girls so I’m pretty excited about it and I’m eager to think of ideas!

An Elf for Christmas

An Elf for Christmas

One of my favourite things is the Elf Reward Chart. You can add your child’s name, along with various tasks that your child needs to do in order to get a sticker to progress.

An Elf for Christmas

These could be simple tasks such as remembering to make their beds, brush their teeth, get dressed by themselves, help make dinner or tidy up toys etc. I’m curious to see what sort of effect this will have as we’ve never used reward charts before!

The mini report cards are great as they also help to promote good behaviour which of course, will mean that you child is one step to closer to being on the nice list!

An Elf for Christmas

The elves themselves are super cute! They’re dressed in traditional elf clothes and their hands can be held together with the Velcro that’s attached to them.

An Elf for Christmas

An Elf for Christmas

In addition to this kit, you can also purchase the book, Elfs First Adventure. This book follows Elf on his first magical adventure in this heart-warming tale. The book is beautifully illustrated which is really engaging for children.

In the book we follow our hero on his quest to find a family who’ll give him a loving home in the run up to Christmas. After helping Santa prepare for Christmas, Elf decides to have a little adventure of his own, leaving the North Pole to fly through the night sky until he finds a little girl and a little boy who just can’t wait to welcome him into their home.

This book is all about promoting kindness, fun and good behaviour. The tale is told in charming rhyme, accompanied by beautifully detailed original illustrations, making it a pleasure to read aloud and share with younger children.

Overall, I think Elf for Christmas is fantastic and I can’t wait to get started!

For the purpose of this review we were sent two Elf for Christmas kits. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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