A runners best friend

Running has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I never thought I’d be one of those people that actually wakes up at 6am, sometimes earlier, to go for a run. This coming from the woman who loves a good lie in and struggles to get up in the morning! I do love my sleep! That’s another thing that’s actually improve since I started running. My sleep. I’m sleeping so much better nowadays!

I’ve learnt so much since I started running. Both about myself, but also about what it takes to be a good runner.

It doesn’t take much to be honest, but there are a few things I wouldn’t be without.


First up, are my insoles. After getting a gait analysis at a local sports shop, I was recommended a pair of trainers with extra support. The salesman also suggested that I try insoles. I’d never even thought about using them before, but I was advised that there are lots of benefits to using them.

From helping the alignment of your foot to reducing stress on your feet, knees, hips and back, insoles really are a runners best friend. They can also help reduce injury which is the main benefit for me. Bearpaw Boots have a good range of insoles available on their website.

Also, it’s not just trainers that you can use them in either. You can even wear them in your favourite pair of high heels!

Map My Run is another thing I couldn’t live without! When I first started running, I found a pretty good 5k route in my local area by just running and seeing where I ended up. As my running progressed and I became more serious and focused on it, I started increasing my distance and entering 10k races. I’m now in training for my first half marathon, and as such my training plan has a lot of long runs on it.

Map My Run has helped me to find routes that are perfect for my long runs. I could happily spend hours researching routes! You can even upload the trails to your GPS watch, which is exactly what I do with my TomTom Runner watch.

My running belt is a fairly new purchase, but I love it. After my first few long runs, I knew that I’d need to carry a drink with me. However, I didn’t want to have to hold a bottle in my hand. This running belt is perfect because it comes with a small bottle which is the perfect size for what I need. Plus it also has a zip pocket which means I can also carry my energy gels, keys and spare with me too.

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