A day out with the iCandy Raspberry Pushchair

My husband and I have done quite well in the pushchair stakes. We did a lot of research before our twins were born to ensure that we bought the most suitable, practical and durable double pushchair that we could find.
We’ve only ever owned one pushchair and it has served us well from the moment our twins were born up until the present day. Our girls are now three years old and we still use the same pushchair. Obviously we don’t use it as much nowadays as our girls are quite capable of walking, but it’s handy to bring with us if we go out somewhere for the day.
The only downside I’ve found now though is that if I walk to the park or the shops with the girls in the pushchair it’s fine on the way there, but on the way back pushing the weight of the pushchair with our three year old girls in is quite hard going, especially as it’s uphill!
I’ve been thinking for a while now about getting a single pushchair and a buggy board in the hopes that it’ll be lighter and easier to push. When iCandy contacted me asking me to review their new iCandy Raspberry Pushchair I was more than keen to give it a go. I need to make an important point here before I go any further and say that iCandy do not recommend any additional boards or platforms are fitted to the chassis as they may cause damage.

The iCandy Raspberry is described as the smart choice for urban adventures. Whether it be hopping on and off buses, from cafes to cabs, up curbs and through the city, with its agile chassis, ease of fold and innovative, spacious storage capsule the iCandy is the quick and lightweight stroller.

You can chose from either a black or brush aluminium chassis. Whichever one you chose it’ll have the iCandy logo on the frame.
You can also choose from one of seven flavour pack colours. I chose the sunflower flavour pack which is a lovely, vibrant, summery yellow colour!

The great thing about the iCandy Raspberry Pushchair is that it allows you to swap between parent or world facing seat position, and has a three position recline with lie-flat for newborn babies, although our twins at three years of age also like the lie-flat position especially with the canopy up too!
What’s in the box?
iCandy Raspberry Box
Pushchair unit
Instruction Manual

iCandy Flavour Pack Box

Raspberry Canopy
5 Point Harness Pads


Raspberry Seat Liner



The iCandy pushchair unit and seat is well packaged to protect it from damage. Once all the packaging is removed it’s relatively quick and easy to set up the iCandy Raspberry pushchair.


I assembled the pushchair unit first by simply opening it! It really is that simple! It just glided open until I heard a clicking noise.


I then added the seat onto the unit which again was very easy by just clicking it onto the pushchair unit. Then I put the seat liner on which again was an easy task as you simply pop the straps in the holes of the seat liner and you’re done! As mentioned above there are also some harness pads which simply slip over the straps for added comfort for your child.


Next up was the canopy. It was easy to put on, but was a bit fiddly! You have to clip one side onto the frame and then twist into the right position before zipping the canopy onto the zip on the seat unit. It probably took me five minutes to do this!

In total it probably took me around 30 minutes to put the iCandy Raspberry Pushchair up!

First Impressions
My first impressions are that I’m very impressed!
It’s lightweight. In fact in comparison to our double pushchair the iCandy really is as light as a feather! 

I absolutely love the design. The black chassis along with the yellow seat liner and canopy really make the iCandy stand out for me in the looks department.
It also appears to be very practical too. I love the basket because it’s spacious and easy to get to. The basket on my double pushchair has never been used because it’s really difficult to get to, but I can see me using this basket a lot. It also has a ‘secret’ compartment which currently stores the rain cover, but it can be used for keeping items such as phones, loose change and purses safe.


Pushing the iCandy around my home and I’m impressed with how easy it glides around corners. It almost floats across the floor. Very easy to push and feels very lightweight.

One thing I notice immediately is that I can adjust the height of the handle. Something I’m not able to do on our double pushchair. There are four different heights giving plenty of options for comfort depending on the height of the person pushing it.
I also folded the pushchair up. I wasn’t sure how to do this, but from reading the instruction manual it became clear. You simply hold in the button used to adjust the height of the handlebar, as well as another button on the side and then lightly press down toward to the ground and voila!
It folds up fairly small and is also free-standing.

I have a small car, a Toyota Yaris, which has a really small boot. I thought that I might have had to take the seat off to get the iCandy in, but I didn’t need too!


My overall first impressions are very good, but how would it fare outside of the home? Read on to find out!
Three position recline
Lightweight chassis
Free-standing when folded
Independent front and rear suspension
Large basket and storage pod
Car seat compatible
Out and About – Our day out
I decided to test the pushchair out in our local park. With a mixture of high curbs to tackle on the way, as well as the gravelly path and grass I wondered how well it would cope!

M had a go first. As you can see she’s three years old and fits in the pushchair well. It looks comfortable and feels cushioned so she was pretty happy! Even more so because her favourite colour also happens to be yellow!


R and M absolutely love going to the park. It’s only a short walk from our home and is the park that my sister and I used to go to throughout our childhood.

There are a few high curbs on the way to the park, but the iCandy mastered them with ease.

On the way to the park R decided that she wanted a go at pushing the iCandy!

Ever since I started taking the girls to the park the first thing they go on is the swings.


They love them and always have to bring their toys on too! It was such a lovely, warm and sunny day.

In the past few weeks the girls have both mastered the ‘wobbly, chain bridge’ and they can both climb up the ‘climbing wall’ and the ‘tall steps’ to get to the top platform.

It’s amazed me at how quickly they’ve learnt this, but it’s also fantastic to see their confidence grow. When they first attempted the wobbly bridge, climbing wall and tall steps they were very unsure about it all! Nowadays though they don’t even give them a second thought and are up them as quick as a flash!

They really are growing up so quickly!

On the way home it was time for M to push R. You can actually see how lightweight the iCandy is because both R and M were able to push it with ease. Although they could do with some lessons in steering!

Here are some more pictures of the iCandy.




We had a great day out at our local park with the iCandy Raspberry Pushchair!


I love the iCandy Raspberry Pushchair and would highly recommend it!
The design is superb. It looks great and is right on trend!
I love the four wheel independent suspension with the new innovative tyres as it really helps to deliver a smooth ride even over bumpy surfaces.
The iCandy Raspberry effortlessly folds with it’s smooth rolling action from the TPU wheels which means it’s quick to fold down and hassle-free.
The brake pedal is easy to reach as it sits right in the middle of the bar at the back between the rear wheels. It’s a good size so you don’t need to faff about trying to find it.
The iCandy is easy to manoeuvre on both flat and smooth surfaces, as well as bumpy ones.
Overall I’m extremely pleased!
Marks out of ten
Packaging 10/10 – Well packaged to protect from damage and all packaging is recyclable
Assembly 9/10 One point removed for the fiddly zipped canopy!
Design 10/10 – Love the design. It’s sleek, on trend and the basket is easy to access and spacious. What more could I ask for!
Manoeuvrability – 10/10 – Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre around corners, up and down kerbs, over grass etc
Fold away – 10/10 – Quick and easy at the press of a button! The unit also stands alone so no need to lean against a wall or anything and you can even take the seat unit off if needed for storage
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For the purpose of this review we were sent one iCandy Raspberry Pushchair. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I was too! My boot is pretty small so I was convinced I'd need to take the seat off for it to fit in, but glad that I didn't have to and it fits!

    1. Hi! It is gorgeous! I've had a double buggy for over three years and have never had a problem going through doors with that, so the iCandy would fly through easily! It's narrow 🙂

  1. This looks such a gorgeous pushchair, i love the colour! I have been thinking of getting a single pushchair as i have a double but now my toddler is two she wants to walk everywhere so i think i need a lightweight single for her baby brother and i think something like this would be ideal. I love how it is easy to fold and is easy to push and that it also looks great too x

  2. I love the pictures!! If I had a small child, I definitely would look into investing one of these pushchairs, which in America we call them umbrella strollers!! But these look far more comfortable than any umbrella stroller I've seen. I love the color as well, very bright and easily noticed. Thanks for all your support. #BinkyLinky

    1. Hi Chantale, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the pictures! It is very comfortable. It's very well padded and I adore the colour! x

  3. This looks great! Love the colour, so summery and definitely a unisex colour too. It sounds like a perfect solution for all ages too!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  4. Love that colour. So different.
    I had a Pear iCandy {the double one!} I loved it. Was a bit heavy at times especially as they got older.
    Looks like a great pram xxx

  5. What a stylish looking buggy! I love how compact it folds and how light it is. You wrote a beautiful review, thank you for sharing this great product! Visiting from #AnythingGoes

  6. Oh wow, this is amazing, I just LOVE the colour. I'm so jealous as we're looking for a new buggy for Archie. He's almost three but because of his Autism & problems with his feet he still needs to be in a buggy for safety reasons. fab review, I love all the photos x #TriedTested

    1. Hi Toni, thanks for your comment. My twins are three and we still a pushchair as they don't want very far, so the iCandy is perfect! I'm glad you like the photos x

  7. This looks like a great buggy! I absolutely adore the vibrant yellow colour – it's my favourite colour too. It's not the most helpful not being able to attach a buggy board though as someone who is struggling to push her Bugaboo Bee with a 1 year old in, plus a nearly 4 year old on the buggy board up the hill on the way, I think you might struggle pushing two 3 year olds even with a buggy board!

    1. Hi Sian, thanks for your comment. It's a great colour isn't it! I'm used to pushing them in their double buggy anyway and that's much heavier than the iCandy so I think i'll be ok! x

  8. I have a bit of an obsession with pushchairs. I even wrote a post about it. This one looks amazing. I love that it folds with the seat attached to the chassis. Most pushchairs these days don't anymore. If there is one thing I would love to be sent to review it's a brand spanking new pushchair. Lucky you. I'm well gel 😉

  9. Really great review of the pushchair, thanks Emily. I always like to get a review from someone who has some hands on experience, im shocked it fit in your car!!! thats a major plus for me, ive been drawn to this pushchair for a number of reasons, mainly because its advertised as a lightweight stroller and ill be in and about the city alot with my little one. the assembly time is incredible aswell, i guess its just as easy to fold for storage? Thanks again, your pushchair is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Christina, glad you like my review and I hope you found it helpful! The boot of my car is pretty small and I genuinely expected to have to take the seat off for it to in so I was very happy when it fit with the seat still attached. Yes, just as easy to fold for storage too x

  10. Ohh this looks great, I would have loved an ICandy with Elarna but had to use our old one as really there was nothing wrong with it boohoo!! Thanks for linking up a great review with the #bestandworst 🙂 Hope to see you again next week!

  11. Such a lovely looking pram. We used the same pushchair for both Harrison and Alex from birth to toddler, and bought a new one for Ben. As much as I adore the pram we have now, I am getting pram envy and would love one of these! #brilliantblogposts

  12. This is just….I have no words! It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scrummy, I think I need it, especially seeing as I am on the hunt for a new stroller! I'm a bit of a pram addict and many a time I have been known to stop people in the street and ask what there pram is much to the hubby's dismay!!!

    Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  13. Your review of the iCandy Raspberry is great! Looks like the ideal urban stroller and that colour option is lovely! Wouldn't usually consider yellow but it clearly is a standout colour, bet everyone looks at you when you're walking around with this! And it's good that you find that packing the pushchair away is easy – I think this is so important! How did you find the suspension on it? xxx

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like my review. I'm not usually a yellow fan, but I kept being drawn to the colour online so couldn't resist and I'm really pleased with it. Suspension has been great so far, no problems at all x

  14. Looks fab! I really love iCandy and have always wanted to test it out in the streets of London. I love our current buggy, but it is more suited to living in the sticks like we do and can be a bit big for maneuvring in central London on the days when we do go there. This looks nice and compact!

  15. Love that it has an adjustable handle! That makes such a difference when Mommy and Daddy are significantly different heights (like me and my husband). Thanks for linking up at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

    1. Hi Meredith, thanks for your comment. I love the handle bar and that it can be four different heights. I'm still playing around with it to see which height I prefer x

  16. It's so easy to fold and unfold and just so light, my mums uses the Raspberry without problem. Everything I could want for in a stroller at £460.

  17. Beautiful colour and love the pics, we adore our iCandy and it lasted from one child to the other. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please add my badge or link back. Thanks

  18. Hi Emily. Love your blog 🙂

    I'm just scouring the net looking out for Raspberry reviews. I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to purchase one yet. Always want to be well informed on my decision before taking the leap! But definitely looove the brand, it's just so classy and I saw Katie Piper has one too, such an idol of mine!!!

    Nice to see how you've set it up in stages as I am such a nightmare at putting things like these together!!!! It does look relatively easy though. Does the seat liner and harness pads come with the pushchair or do you have to buy separately? Also my daughter has just turned 2 but she's a bit on the small side! Do you think she would fit in ok?? Need her to feel safe and secure of course, just like what all good mums want :)!!

    1. Hi Sara, thanks for your comment! It's so lovely to hear that you like my blog, thank you! The raspberry is amazing! I love it! It's so easy to put together! The seat liner and harness is separate as far as I'm aware. She'd probably fit comfortably with the seat liner as it's very cushioned. Even without it, I imagine she'd be ok x

  19. OMG such a nice pushchair. keep seeing yellow everyhwere must be colour of the season lol really a fan tho. if I got this it would match my yellow coat 😉 doesnt look like it takes up much room in your car boot either, good point for it bet you must be happy looks good. do you have any other pushchairs from icandy or just this one. would be nice to know what its like next to others if you ever wrote a comparison.

    1. Hi Becca, thanks for your comment. I think yellow is the colour of now! I was genuinely surprised that it fit into the boot of my car. I thought I'd have to take the seat, so I was very happy to find that I didn't have to. This is the only iCandy I have. Before the iCandy we just have our double pushchair that we've used since our girls were born so this is our 2nd pushchair x

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