Getting the garden ready for summer

Body warmer

Can you believe that Christmas has been and gone already? We’re into a new year and that also means we’re heading into the warmer weather, although I think we may still have a little while to wait before we can put our sun cream back on! Is it just me that has a huge stash of sun cream in their bathroom cupboard?

One thing that I always look forward to at the start of a new year is making plans for the year ahead. This usually involves plans for my blog and work life, as well my own personal plans, but also plans for my family. This could be days out, holidays or even things that we can do at home. One of those things that we can do at home is gardening. Specifically growing our own fruit and veg.

Last year wasn’t very successful. We went on holiday and my watering system played up, which meant when we returned all of our food had died. I’m hoping this year will be more successful and with a little more thought, planning and preparation hopefully it will!

Now, when it comes to growing your food it can get a little messy to start with. As well buying all the compost, seeds and pots etc, you also need to do the hard work of digging and laying your compost down. I usually find some old clothes to wear to do this job, as I always get muddy, but from time to time I like to treat myself to something new specifically for this task.

Engelbert Strauss, specialise in gardening clothing and equipment, as well as house development clothing, DIY tools, personal protection, safety wear and workwear. They offer a wide range of products in different shapes, materials and colors, suitable for amateurs and professionals. I particularly love their range of women’s body warmers and this berry quilted thermal body warmer would be perfect for a cold, spring morning spent digging the garden

Body warmer

This year I’m planning on growing some potatoes and carrots, but I’m going to be careful about how many seeds I plant and the consistency in which I sow the seeds. I like to have a good supply going for a few months throughout the summer, but I don’t want much wastage either. I’m also planning on growing some salads, broccoli and even some herbs.

Peppers, strawberries, courgettes and cucumbers are also on my list. I’m lucky that we have a greenhouse in our garden, but I like the idea of growing food out of the greenhouse so that they get the added benefit of rain water, if for example I forgot to water them one day. A veg trug is a possibility and something I”m going to look into.

The best thing about growing our own food, is getting our children involved. They love digging in the mud and planting the seeds, but I also think it’s really important for them to see where their food comes from.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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